Every year at CES, we see a galore of pet technology, including tons of trackers. What sets Felloo apart from the typical GPS-enabled collar is its tiny size and its stylish design. Most well-rated cat and dog GPS trackers are bulkier and ugly, so it had to take a French Tech startup to make cats fashionable while ensuring their safety.

According to the company, one cat gets lost every 12 minutes (in France – 14M cats), and we all know someone who lost a cat (myself included). There are about 93M cats in the USA, and knowing that one out of three cat “parents” showed interest in localizing their pet, we bet that Ubiscale will experience good traction with Felloo.

The tracking device is packed with impressive technical specifications such as the long 30-days battery autonomy, a challenge for such a small chassis (0.35 oz / 1.1inch diameter). Typically, the best rated GPS cat trackers in the market last only 7 days or less (average 2-5 days) on a single charge or 20 days for the bulky designs. Unlike similar products, Felloo is range-free, and you get a high fashion device for a sweet price with no subscription. Felloo will be available in spring 2021 for 99 euros.

How does it work?

Both GPS and activity monitor,  Felloo collects data via the smart base connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network. Cat owners visualize the information from a companion mobile application.

Thanks to the bell feature, you can easily find your cat wherever it hides in the house.

When your cat is within the base’s range (about 1000 feet), the location is immediately displayed on your phone. When the pet goes beyond the 1000 feet range, users can activate an extended geolocation feature for a month for 9.90 euros, and no subscription commitment is required. The extended search mode is only activated if the cat is lost beyond the base’s range.

Once the cat comes back, you can see the places it visited with the distances traveled on the mobile app. The activity monitoring function allows cat owners to know whether their pets sleep well, are active or resting, and get alerts from the Felloo app for any behavior change.

Founded in 2015 by engineers Mikaël Guenais (Founder, CEO & CTO) and Samuel Ryckewaert (Co-founder, Business Development & Marketing), Ubsicale is a startup focused on the design of IoT devices. A participant in a current Galileo’s research program, Ubiscale is recognized for Ubi.cloud, its location technology that optimizes GPS systems’ power efficiency dedicated to the Internet of Things.

If you are registered at CES 2021, you can connect with Ubiscale and ask questions about Felloo to Mikael Guenais, Samuel Ryckewaert, or Clarisse Malecot (media) from the attendee directory section on the CES website (Jan 11-14).

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