netgear gs605av

[CES 2010] Netgear 5-port Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch aims to make your living room a more integrated place, but with different manufacturers coming up with various ways to hook up various stuff in your living room, it can be quite a choice to ponder over. Known also as the GS605AV, this 5-port Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch can hook your networked TV, TiVO, DVR, Blu-ray player, game console and cable/satellite set top box to your home network and the Internet as well. Full HD streaming is also supported, alongside digital music streaming and latency-free online gaming to keep hardcore gamers happy. To stay in line with the green theme, it also boasts an automatic power-down mode that saves energy whenever the port is unused, and it is smart enough to detect just how long the cable is so that power usage can be adjusted for a greener environment.

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