UMID mbook M1 gets USB port

Some guy with an enterprising mind came up with a project that sees his UMID mbook M1 receive a full-sized USB port on the side by shoehorning it in. Johnjtaylor (that’s his online handle) came up with this fairly easy DIY project, although as in most things in life, there is a price to pay. In this case, the webcam will have to be sacrificed for the USB port to work, which should suit those folks who hardly use the webcam just fine. As for the USB port, it delivers 3.3V instead of the standard 5.0V of juice, so you can forget about hooking up any bus-powered hard drives, although flash drives and other low-powered devices ought to run just fine. Once completed, ULauncher must be up and running in order to turn the port on or off.

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