Rugged NERF Remote For Wii Visits The FCC
Considering the amount of swinging that games on the Nintendo Wii require, it’s easy to imagine many Wiimotes being smashed as they accidentally slip from your grip. If you’ve experienced the heartbreak of smashing your Wiimote before, you’ll be happy to hear that the NERF Remote for Wii has passed through the FCC today, offering a heavily padded version of the Wiimote that looks like it can take quite a beating, featuring large cushions at the top and bottom of the controller, not to mention an improved grip. There isn’t any pricing or availability information, but the NERF remote might be available in time for the holiday season. It’s worth mentioning that no matter how much padding this controller offers, tossing it at your HDTV probably isn’t going to give you a happy result.

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