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Nerf’s Fortnite Guns Will Be Launched Next Month
Last year Hasbro announced that they would be making a series of Nerf guns based on Fortnite. This isn’t the first time that Hasbro has collaborated with video game developers, as previously they had created some Nerf guns based on Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise. For those who are looking forward to these toys, you’ll be pleased to learn that they will be made available for purchase next month.

Nerf Unveils Its First Fortnite Blaster
Nerf guns are toys that seemed to be aimed at kids, but yet they are beloved by many an adult. Hasbro seems to be aware of this which is why they have in the past teamed up with Blizzard to create Nerf guns based on Overwatch. Last month the company announced that Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale would be getting a similar treatment.

Hasbro Announces Plans For Fortnite Nerf Blasters
Hasbro’s Nerf blasters are fun as toys, even for grown ups, and they know it. The company has worked with Blizzard to release Overwatch-themed Nerf blasters and now it looks like Hasbro will be capitalizing on yet another popular video game: Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale in which we can expect to see Fortnite themed Nerf blasters.

Hasbro Takes The Wraps Off Nerf Blaster For Overwatch’s D.Va
A couple of weeks ago, Hasbro unveiled a new Nerf gun. The company unveils new Nerf guns from time to time, but what made this unveiling particularly interesting is the fact that this Nerf has been designed to look like Overwatch’s Reaper’s gun. Given that many of Overwatch’s characters use guns, it seems like this was just the start of the lineup.


Hasbro Unveils Official Overwatch Nerf Blaster
Nerf guns are fun and if you’re a fan of them and also a fan of Blizzard’s overwatch, then you’ll be very pleased and excited to learn that Hasbro has unveiled an official Overwatch Nerf blaster. As you can see in the image above, for those who play and are familiar with the game, this Nerf blaster has been themed around Reaper’s own guns.

Nerf's New Laser Tag Gun Connects To Your Smartphone
While Hasbro’s Nerf series of foam dart guns have typically been marketed towards children, there are many grown ups who are more than happy to play with them, or some even go further by modding them. Now if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a new Nerf gun, then Hasbro’s latest offering might be of interest to you.

Modder Upgrades Nerf Rival Minigun To Fire 20 Rounds A Second
While Nerf guns are clearly aimed at youngsters, it’s safe to say that the series of toys also has its fans amongst adults who are more interested in the possibilities that come with modding the toys. We’ve seen quite a few insane mods, but we reckon that modder Captain Xavier’s mod takes the cake.

This Could Be The World’s Largest Nerf Gun
Nerf guns are incredibly fun and while they might be marketed towards children, let’s face it, there are a ton of adults who probably get a huge kick out of playing with them as well. In fact just recently, YouTuber Mark Rober got the idea of creating a huge Nerf gun and recruited the help of Eclectical Engineering, a pair of YouTubers by the name of David and Ryan.

Nerf Unveils New Gun That Shoots At 68mph
Nerf guns are fun. Thanks to the use of foam darts and bullets, they aren’t particularly painful when hit, although we suppose it is also thanks to the fact that most Nerf guns fire at relatively slow speeds, or at least speeds slow enough where it isn’t as painful upon impact, unlike paintball or BB guns.

New Nerf Rival Gun Lineup Can Shoot Foam Balls At 70mph
When we think of Nerf guns, we think of toys meant for teens where the foam darts tend to be more annoying than painful, modified Nerf guns not included. However it seems that Hasbro has recently unveiled a new set of Nerf guns that might be of interest to those who are a little bit older and looking for something a bit more powerful.The new lineup is part of Hasbros’ […]

Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun: You Shall Not Pass!
Here is a DIY project that you might want to consider - a Nerf Vulcan sentry gun.

Borderlands 2 Gun Replicas Created From Nerf Guns
We think it’s safe to say Borderlands 2 has a lot of guns. The game probably has more guns than you can shake a stick at, especially if you’re the world champion stick shaker. But one Redditor decided he and a friend would take some Nerf guns and tweak them a bit to look exactly like guns you’d find in Borderlands 2. The result of their work is amazing, although […]

Nerf Gun Gets Modded Into A Guitar, Pretty Awesome
If there is one thing I indulge in once in a while, it would be the purchase and fooling around with Nerf guns. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about firing them off at your window, at friends, and sometimes even family! Anyway we’ve come across Nerf gun modifications before, but it looks like this particular modder, an Australian girl who goes by the handle Nerfenstein, has taken a Nerf gun […]

Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster
I know that it is not yet summer at the moment, and the mercury continues to remain at low levels, but this does not mean you cannot prepare for the coming summer with the $19.99 Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster. After all, there is nothing more shocking than shooting a blast of cold water down someone’s neck on a sweltering day, right? This unique addition to the Super […]