Aquadoodle pen turns into capacitive stylus with some H2O

In the world of touchcreen displays, there are resistive and capacitive options to choose from. For those who find themselves in need of a capacitive stylus simply because you’re wearing a glove when the mercury drops below zero, making the screen unresponsive unless you remove your only layer of warmth. Good thing the Aquadoodle fits the bill perfectly, where this pen can be filled with water, functioning as a decent stylus for just about any capacitive touchscreen. Needless to say, this pen will leave behind some beads of water, but then again it would be something else if that doesn’t happen considering the Aquadoodle relies on water as ink. Just make sure those beads of water don’t end up between the nooks and crannies of your device, otherwise you might pay a visit to the service center sooner than expected. On the bright side, at least whatever little water there is, it will go a long way in helping you maintain a squeaky clean display. Humans are really the master of improvisation, right?

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