apple-stylus-patentWe have learned that Apple has been granted a spanking new patent by the USPTO today, where this particular patent would offer the description of a new kind of stylus in detail, which would allow it to capture handwriting directly from a user, even as the user uses it on a wide range of surfaces, where it will be accompanied by a collection of writing nibs that would enable one to write on paper, whiteboards or even on an iPad’s capacitive touchscreen display.

Just how does this particular stylus work? Well, it has a design that makes use of accelerometers as well as other kinds of motion sensors to help it track movement, where it will also activate each time it detects it has been picked up, now how cool is that? Apart from that, it also “knows” just when it has been pressed to paper or taken out of a slot or holster in order to achieve a better level of power efficiency. Data can be transmitted in either real-time or in chunks at timed intervals so that the latter option would maximize battery life.

The patent describes this stylus as being able to capture handwriting accurately regardless of whether the pen sees action on a surface like a table, or against a wall, or even simply in mid-air, courtesy of integrated 3D motion sensors. It will work to reflect writing in real-time on separate displays, and the ability to use it alongside other nibs or pen heads would let you write on different materials.

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