jotprojotmini-800x736Drawing on your smartphone or tablet using your finger can be a bit clumsy, which is why many artists have turned to using styluses if they’re hoping to achieve a bit more accuracy. These styluses are also great for those who want to jot down handwritten notes in a neater and more accurate manner.

Well if you’re in the market for such accessories, Adonit has recently unveiled two new styluses in the form of the Jot Pro and the Jot Mini. Adonit has not made any major changes to the styluses meaning that for the most part, they will be more or less the same as their predecessors.

However Adonit has made some slight changes in terms of grip enhancements which hopefully will make them easier to hold, and will also come in more color options. Other than that, the styluses will maintain the same “Precision Disc” ball point design as from before. The Jot Pro will feature an etched grip and an improved cushion tip for quieter use, and both styluses will be offered in either black or silver.

Both styluses are also available for purchase via Adonit’s website so if you’d like to get your hands on the Jot Pro, it will be priced at $29.99 while the smaller Jot Mini will go for $19.99.

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