Google eBook iPod app

Google eBookstore application for iPod

There have been many rumors about Google launching its new eBook venture by the end of the year, and today, it is official, the new Google eBookstore is born, offering over 3 millions eBooks. The Google eBooks Web Reader is compatible with most devices running a modern browser, allowing users with a Google account to access and buy Google eBooks in the cloud from various mobile devices. In addition to the Web reader, the search giant developed free applications for Android and iOS (see pictures).

Google eBook Android app

Google eBookstore application for Android

Features include: font selection, font size, line spacing and day/night reading mode. As we previously reported, Google lets people buy its eBooks from other booksellers, for now, only a few of them are in the partners program: Powell’s, Alibris and participating members of the American Booksellers Association. In the official information that we received from Google, there was still no word on the revenue share the publishers or the independent bookstores will get.

Editor’s note: at the time of publishing, we did not have the official links to the Google eBookstore and the information page.

Update: here’s the link to Google eBookstore:

Google eBook iPad app02

Google eBookstore application for iPad

Google eBook iPad app01

Google eBookstore application for iPad

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