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How to Get a Refund From the Google Play Store
In real life when we purchase something that didn’t live up to our expectations or it turned out to be something we don’t need, usually we are able to return it to the store and get a refund. The same applies to downloaded apps, music, movies, and ebooks from Google Play, and here’s how you go about getting a refund for them.

Walmart eBooks Launches To Take On Amazon
Amazon is a major online retailer of e-books and audiobooks. Walmart has now launched a proper rival which will take on Amazon in these markets. Walmart eBooks is the result of the retailer’s partnership with Rakuten, the parent company of Kobo. The partnership was announced in January this year and has resulted in this new service.

How To Convert Kindle Books to PDF in Minute (Win, Mac, Android)
A 1-minute method to convert Kindle Books to PDF files online. Works on all platforms, and does not require software installation to your computer.

Walmart Teams Up With Rakuten To Offer eBooks, Audiobooks
When it comes to reading books, you have those who prefer books the traditional way in their paper format, which some believe is more comfortable to read. Others prefer eBooks which are admittedly more convenient, especially since you can pretty much carry your entire library with you on the go.


UK Ebook Sales Experience A Drop
When the concept of ebooks first surfaced, it seemed like the natural progression of things and it also felt like maybe physical printed books were doomed to go the way of the dinosaur. After all ebooks tend to be cheaper, more accessible, more convenient, not to mention green since it doesn’t require paper or inks to be made.

Experimental Ebook Is Edited Everytime It Changes Hands
Ebooks are great because they don’t take up any physical space and can be brought with you wherever you go. You can also share them with many friends at once, and it also allows for rather interesting experiments such as this one. Dubbed A Universe Explodes, this is an experimental ebook that spans 20 pages and has about 128 words per page.

Microsoft Developing eBook Store For Windows 10
Microsoft sells a lot of content through its Windows Store to people who use its operating system but it hasn’t started selling ebooks yet. On the other hand, Apple’s iBooks platform enables the company’s customers to buy and read digital books across a wide variety of its devices. Microsoft is reportedly making amends now as it’s developing a new ebook store for Windows 10.

George R.R. Martin & Apple Launch Interactive Game Of Thrones Book
There are obvious and clear benefits to ebooks, such as it being more environmentally-friendly, it doesn’t take up physical space, and it can also be interactive. The good news for fans of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books is that the author has announced that together with Apple, they will be launching an interactive version of A Game of Thrones book.

Read Mangas on Android: Best Manga Apps
Heard of the term “Manga”? It simply refers to Japanese Comics. It is popular in the U.S because a lot of “Manga” content is now being translated into English. There are several reading apps dedicated to them available to Android users who are manga fans. We have listed some of the best manga apps for Android below.

Hachette And Booktrack Launch eBooks With Soundtracks
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers – a division of the Hachette Book Group – and reading technology company Booktrack today introduced a new generation of eBooks for young adult readers that feature soundtracks. This partnership between the two provides young adult readers with an innovative new way to experience the stories that they like through synchronized, movie-style soundtracks.

Shelfie Turns Your Print Books Into EBooks
Digital readers and ebooks are supposed to be the future, but yet there are still plenty of books that are being created physically in print form, and let’s not forget that there are plenty of bookshops that are still alive and well. However we cannot deny the convenience of ebooks so who’s to say that they can’t exist side-by-side?The good news is that if you have a ton of physical […]

Barnes & Noble Introduces New Readouts Feature
If you’re trying to look for a good book to read, sometimes browsing entire libraries can be a daunting task. Synopsis on the back of the books aren’t really reliable either because sometimes the premise of the book is more exciting than its actual content. This is why the folks at Barnes & Noble have announced a new feature called Readouts.The idea behind the feature is to provide bite-sized content […]

'Netflix for eBooks' Service Oyster Is Shutting Down
We don’t live in a one business model suits all kind of world which is why a service dubbed as the “Netflix for eBooks” is shutting down. Sure, Netflix has been an incredible success in a short span of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s business model can be applied to content like ebooks. The Oyster team has confirmed that they’re now taking steps to “sunset the existing Oyster service over […]

Amazon And Hachette Have Buried The Hatchet
It was reported back in May that Amazon and publisher Hachette were involved in a tussle that had resulted in books published by Hachette being pulled from Amazon. The tussle was over ebook pricing that both parties were fighting over and this evolved into a very public battle that has gone on for months. It ends today. Amazon and Hachette have finally buried the hatchet and have signed a multiyear agreement […]

The Vatican To Digitize Its Manuscripts
Don’t you think that it is long overdue for the Vatican to perform a digital scan of all of its manuscripts? After all, the Vatican happens to be an organization, or body, if you will, that has a collection of one of the oldest, most comprehensive, and most well preserved collections of ancient texts worldwide. Thankfully, it seems that they are moving along with the times and seeing the role […]

National Library Of Norway To Digitize Its Entire Collection Of Books And Materials
Personally I find books nicer and more comfortable to read in its traditional format, but I suppose for the sake of convenience and also for the sake of saving paper, going the digital route is understandable. If you’re a fan of digital books and/or magazines, you might be interested to learn that just like the UK and Finland, Norway has undertaken efforts to begin digitizing its entire library collection, an […]

UK Government Considering Paying Authors A Fee When Their Ebooks Are Checked Out From A Library
As a kid when I wanted to search for information, my best bet would be to either ask my parents, go through thick and heavy encyclopedias (some of you guys might remember them), or head to the library and go through books one by one. Now with technology, tapping a few keys on the keyboard, a couple of clicks and I would have found what I want, thus reducing the […]

Sony Reader Store Launches Dedicated Kids Corner
While tablets and smartphones are certainly entertaining devices for children, a balance should be made between playing games, watching videos as well as reading. If your kid finds that reading a book seems like an archaic sort of activity, then perhaps ebooks could be the answer and Sony might have something for you. The company has recently announced that they have launched a special Kids Corner in their Reader Store. […]

Free digital textbooks in California
It seems that the cost of living is rising everywhere you turn – gas, education, medical care, the works! All but your salary, and when it comes to education, college students will be able to identify with the fact that they spend thousands of dollars on textbooks which will only be used for a few months, or just several semesters. The state of California has decided to ease the financial […]

E-book prices decline on Amazon after publisher settlement
Recently, a U.S. court approved the settlement of some major e-book publishers. The publishers had been accused of price fixing and it was accused the many publishers had lobbied to maintain unfairly high prices of the e-books they published.  While most of them chose to settle, some have decided to fight on. Among those who had agreed to settle are HarperCollins and Hachette.Within days of this settlement, the results are […]