Who’s sick and tired of sitting through traffic jams in the morning when going to work, and sitting through jams again when coming home in the evening? We sure are, but if things go according to Acabion’s plan – we won’t have to deal with such hassles anymore. Acabion, a Swiss-based company founded by Peter Maskus, a former Porsche, BMW and Ferrari engineer, intends to replace today’s cars with his car of the future – the GTBO VIII “da Vinci”. The GTBO VIII is a fully electric vehicle with a top speed of 375 mph, and is claimed to be 20 times more efficient than the electric vehicles of today. He predicts that in the year 2050 we’ll have new fast lanes on our roads to support such high speed vehicles and by 2100, we’ll have vacuum tubes for long continental and intercontinental distances.

This is where his GTBO VIII will shine. Using a vacuum tube to travel, the GTBO VIII will be able to reach such high speeds that a trip from San Francisco to Prague can be done in 25 minutes. Well now the year is only 2011, and it looks like we’ll have a long way to go before we ever see such a thing happen (if it does), until then, we can just watch our favorite Futurama reruns with people travelling through the tube and fantasize about tube travel while on the slow, dreary subway commute. What do you think our transportation will be like in the year 2100?

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