It goes without saying that ambient temperature does impact the performance of the battery in electric vehicles by a significant amount, and therefore such temperature differences will have a major impact in the total range of such electric powered four wheelers. To make sure this will not affect their vehicles by too much, Volvo decided to equip its C30 Electric with a trio of climate systems that include a bio-ethanol powered heater, making sure the vehicle has had its fair share of hellish winter conditions before approving it for worldwide use. Volvo also came up with new test methods for its EVs, making sure that they will be able to run smoothly even in temperatures as low as -20° Celsius (-4° F). The end result would benefit everyone, and among the three climate systems found inside the C30 Electric include supplying heating and cooling to the passengers, cooling or warming of the battery pack when necessary, and water-cooling the electric motor.

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