Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept Redefines Motoring

If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like sitting in a car for long periods of time, Volvo’s latest concept will be very appealing to you. The Swedish car manufacturer has unveiled its 360c concept car with which it aims to redefine motoring. It envisages a future where you have a flat bed in the car and can doze off while it drives you to your destination.

Volvo Cars & Trucks Can Share Traffic Alerts With Each Other

Apps such as Waze and Google Maps rely a lot on crowdsourced information, where users can report incidents like accidents, traffic jams, and so on. However it seems that if you drive a Volvo vehicle, you might be able to get more information from other Volvo vehicles, thanks to the use of a cloud-based system.

Volvo Aiming For Half Their Sales To Be Electric By 2025

At the rate things are going, carmakers are definitely starting to look towards a future where cars will no longer have to rely on fossil fuels to be powered, and will instead rely on clean energy like electricity (hydrogen-powered cars are also a possibility). However when will such a future arrive where electric cars might overtake regular cars?

Volvo’s Self-Driving Car Experiment Reportedly Being Scaled Back

Volvo is one of the many major car manufacturers working on self-driving cars. The company had previously announced a rather ambitious experiment involving its self-driving cars. It was planning to deliver 100 autonomous SUVs to real people in Sweden for testing. Volvo was going to launch this program in 2017 but according to a new report, the Drive Me program is now being scaled back.


Volvo Wants To Sell Cars Through A Subscription Model

Buying a flagship phone outright can be a rather expensive affair, which is why carriers typically offer up plans in which customers sign a contract, typically for 24-months, and then just a monthly repayment along with the price of a phone plan. Ultimately this makes it easier on the wallet, at least upfront.

Volvo Cars Will Not Use Gas-Only Engines From 2019

Volvo has made a “historic” pledge that is going to further promote the adoption of all-electric and hybrid solutions for cars. The company has comitted to fitting all cars with an electric motor in a couple of years. What this means is that no Volvo car sold from 2019 will have an internal combustion engine that runs on gas only. The engines will either be hybrid with a secondary electric […]

Kangaroos Are Giving Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars A Hard Time

One of the keys to making a car that can drive itself autonomously without any incident is for it to be able to detect obstacles in its way and react to them. So far most self-driving cars do not have an issue, although Volvo has recently found out that in Australia, one of the country’s national symbols the kangaroo, is giving their self-driving cars a hard time.

Volvo And NVIDIA Team Up For Self-Driving Cars

When you think of Volvo, you think of cars. When you think of NVIDIA, you probably think of gaming like in terms of GPU technology and whatnot. So what happens when you combine the two together? A gaming car? Nope, try a self-driving one because that’s exactly what Volvo, NVIDIA, and car safety supplier Autoliv have announced collectively.

Audi And Volvo Pick Android As Their In-Car Operating System

Android Auto already allows you to extend your Android smartphone experience to a compatible car but Google has been working with carmakers to provide a proper Android experience. Ahead of the company’s I/O developer conference this week, it has announced partnerships with Audi and Volvo which will see the car manufacturers pick Android as their in-car operating system.

First Volvo Electric Car Release Due In 2019, Will Cost $40,000

Volvo is one of the many companies that’s working on all-electric cars. In just a couple of years, there will be quite a few all-electric cars to choose from and the most important part is that they will be relatively affordable. Not everyone can buy a $100,000 Tesla after all. Volvo has said that its first all-electric car is going to be released in 2019 and that it’s going to […]

Volvo Puts Real Families In Their Self-Driving Cars

Just like many other carmakers out there, Volvo is exploring self-driving technology. So far a lot of self-driving tests include engineers who sit behind the wheel as a precaution, but also to record notes and collect data on the car’s behavior so that they know what works, what doesn’t, and so on.

Volvo To Start Equipping Some Of Its Cars With Skype

Back in the day, cars would basically get you from point A to point B. These days cars are smarter and they come with all kinds of nifty features, such as being more connected to the internet so that we can get more things done while on the road. In fact Volvo seems to expect that soon you will be able to hold conference calls in your car.

Volvo’s Concierge App Brings Servicing Right To Your Doorstep

Sending your car for a wash, or doing it yourself, or taking it in to be serviced means having to take time out of your day to do so. If you’re the type that’s way too busy for these kinds of things, not to worry because if you own a Volvo, the company has recently launched the Concierge app at the LA Auto Show.

Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars Will Be Unmarked To Prevent Abuse

Volvo is one of the many companies working on self-driving cars. It’s due to start testing its self-driving cars in London by 2018. The company today said that when its autonomous cars do take to the road, they will be unmarked so as to prevent abuse by other motorists on the road. It has made this decision following a survey conducted by the London School of Economics which found that […]