Electric vehicles tend to be more practical in moving folks from point A to point B without too much of a carbon footprint, but they certainly won’t be able to smoke petrol-powered ones – unless you’re in a Tesla Roadster, of course, but just how long can the Tesla make keep up with a thoroughbred Ferrari in the long haul? The same can be said for electric motorcycles, but with the Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle, you might just change your perspective. 

The Amarok P1 is a Canadian designed motorcycle that tips the scales at a mere 325 pounds, placing it within Moto GP race bike territory, hence its 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery is capable of churning out much more performance than normal – leading to faster speeds as well.

With a smaller chassis dimension, it results in tighter handling and a smaller frontal area, which will further reduce aerodynamic drag. This would also mean lower costs during the construction process, and using high-performance common metals instead of exotic alloys and composites, it would also mean simple tooling, hand fabrication and ease of repair and modification. Hopefully it will be affordable enough for the masses when it is mass produced.

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