Sodium Cycles is back at CES with Xubaka, a unique 50 cc-equivalent mini electric motorcycle, entirely designed and handcrafted by French companies located in the South West of France (Nouvelle Aquitaine Region).

Human-centric design and production process & a broad range of customization options

The Sodium Cycles’ manufacturing process is human-centric; whether customers order on the website or in the showroom, the Sodium Cycles team will work closely with them to customize the color to their taste and add custom equipment and luggage.  The company envisions a production process in which users will take part in the technical and design choices. From the same chassis, customers will be able to create unique models, thanks to an unlimited selection of colors and a broad range of options.
Production and assembly of each Xubaka are done entirely by hand.

Rear propulsion with rotor hub and sodium-ion battery

One of the key innovations of the Xubaka is its unique back wheel propulsion system featuring a hub rotor that enables passive regeneration. The rotor placed at the rear frees space in the middle of the frame for a battery tray. Down the road, the company will use a sodium-ion battery, currently under development at CNRS-backed Tiamat (CNRS: French National Center of Scientific Research). Unveiled in 2015 as a prototype by the RS2E network, this new type of battery is not currently available. For now, the first Xubaka units will feature a tailor-made lithium-ion version.

Lightweight and vintage look

At 50 kg (110lb) battery included, Xubaka is half the weight of a classic gas or electric scooter.

Xubaka launches in January 2021 in Europe and will be available for 5900 Euros, and Sodium Cycles will introduce the product later in the U.S. market.

Feature Highlights

  • Lightweight
    • Weighing at 50kg (110lb) battery included, Xubaka is half the weight of a classic scooter.
  • Charge time
    • Full charge in 4 hours
    • 80% charge in 1 hour
  • Passive regeneration
    • The passive regeneration system recovers up to 14% of the battery while braking
  • Engine power
    • 4000w (5500w on a crest)
    • 50cm3 equivalent
  • Autonomy
    • From 60 to 80km (30 to 50 miles)
  • Battery
    • 48V 28 Ah
  • Max Speed
    • 50km/h (with EU regulations) – can go up to 80 km/h
  • Customization
    • Personalized support is part of the deal when customizing paint, baggage, seating, connectivity.
  • Chassis composition
    • Chromoly

Customization options for the Xubaka

Sodium Cycles was created in May 2018 by CEO Benoit Marty, a founder with an eclectic background: in his previous lives he was a motorsport engineer, an organic farmer, and a geomatics engineer. Benoit Marty designed the unique and innovative Xubaka mini electric motorbike.
Pierre-Yves Palueau, General Manager, Sodium Cycles, has extensive expertise in export. A business school graduate, he was CEO of a French holding company in the fashion industry with a turnover of 35 million euros. His companies also worked for the French luxury industry.

CES 2020: Benoit Marty, Founder & CEO, Sodium Cycles and creator of the mini electric motorcycle Xubaka

If you are registered at CES 2021, you can visit the Sodium Cycles virtual booth on the CES website. There you can connect with  Benoit MartyCEO & Founder, and Pierre-Yves Palueau, General Manager to ask questions about Xubaka.

Sodium Cycles is part of the French Tech delegation at CES 2021, you can check our coverage here and connect with the other French Tech startups here on the CES 2021 website (requires registration).

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