Yamaha is set to unveil its unique creation, the MOTOROiD 2 electric motorcycle, at the Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show). This innovative two-wheeler challenges conventional notions of what a motorcycle can be and offers a remarkable feature: the ability to balance itself.

The MOTOROiD 2 is a follow-up to Yamaha’s original concept bike, which was designed with the intriguing idea of what an offspring between a four-legged animal and an electric motorcycle would look like. This concept bike is not just about aesthetics; it’s engineered to achieve self-balancing by incorporating a biomechanical and entomological design at its rear, which adds to its distinct appearance.

The motorcycle’s self-balancing capability is attributed to its unique hub mount position — It’s situated on a swing arm that’s connected at a pivot point beneath the rider’s seat, allowing the rear wheel to swivel and lean independently from the front. This design gives the MOTOROiD 2 the ability to find its balance, akin to a living creature, which aligns with Yamaha’s intriguing question, “How do you live with a machine that feels like a living thing?”

Notably, the MOTOROiD 2 lacks conventional handlebars, opting for handle grips located beneath the semi-transparent layered front fairing. This design aims to create an aerodynamic and comfortable riding position. However, questions remain regarding how maneuverable the bike will be with this unique handlebar setup.
The motorcycle retains features from the original concept, including haptic feedback and AI-powered facial and gesture recognition. These elements enable the MOTOROiD 2 to autonomously approach the rider, much like a loyal pet companion responding to a call.

The original Motoroid electric motorcycle had a creature-inspired design. The second iteration pushes this concept further, bordering on unsettling.

As the MOTOROiD 2 is set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, more details about its technology and functionality will likely be revealed, providing a deeper understanding of this unconventional electric motorcycle. For additional images of the MOTOROiD 2, check out Yamaha’s global website.

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