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Xubaka by Sodium Cycles: Handcrafted Mini Electric MotorcycleEditor's Pick
Sodium Cycles is back at CES with Xubaka, a unique 50 cc-equivalent mini electric motorcycle, entirely designed and handcrafted by French companies located in the South West of France (Nouvelle Aquitaine Region).Human-centric design and production process & a broad range of customization optionsThe Sodium Cycles’ manufacturing process is human-centric; whether customers order on the website or in the showroom, the Sodium Cycles team will work closely with them to customize […]

Triumph Is Now Developing An Electric Motorcycle As Well
With iconic motorcycle companies like Harley Davidson working on electric motorcycles, it was only a matter of time before Triumph jumped on the bandwagon as well. The popular British motorcycle maker has announced that it’s also working on an electric motorcycle. Triumph has teamed up with Williams Engineering for this purpose.

Victory Motorcycles Introduce 2016 Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle
Victory Motorcycles has definitely taken another step into the future with the unveiling of its very first, fully electric motorcycle that is known as the 2016 Empulse TT. Make no bones about it, the Empulse TT is a road-legal electric streetbike that will be based on Brammo’s Empulse R, and this is a continuation from their efforts at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race, where the Empulse-powered racebike […]

Harley-Davidson’s Project LiveWire Revealed
It was just yesterday when we brought you a quick glance at Harley-Davidson’s teaser for an upcoming electric motorcycle, and here we are with the full look. Also known as Project LiveWire, this unique motorcycle will be making its way around the U.S. to the end of this year. While Harley-Davidson is famous for its iconic brand and big touring bikes, taking the electric motorcycle route is definitely going to […]


Harley Davidson Looks At First Electric Motorcycle
I suppose for many of us who absolutely love superbikes and the roar of their engines, there is nothing quite like the equal to that of the sound of a Harley-Davidson that tears down the street. However, such fuel-based engines might soon be accompanied by a greener and cleaner version from headquarters, as it does look as though Harley-Davidson might be working on its first electric motorcycle ever, at least […]

Freeride E-Speed Electric Motorcycle
What you see above is known as the Freeride E-Speed electric motorcycle, although it is right now still in the prototype stage, where the Freeride E-Speed hails from KTM-KISKA. It certainly is a beauty to cast your eyes upon, where it performs just like how a normal commuter would expect it to, and also has the capability of performing offroad as well, which means your weekends would be a whole […]

Energica electric motorcycle looks really mean
Electric vehicles are starting to gain a whole lot of traction, since they do their bit in helping reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions, not to mention being far easier on your wallet at the end of the day simply because you need not fork out an arm and a leg each time you “fill ‘er up”. While electric cars have been in the limelight most of the time, there […]

Stand on the MXB Shocker electric bike
When one rides a motorbike, you are expected to sit on it – and not stand, unless of course, you are some sort of stuntman who has mad skills and want to entertain your audience. Well, Performance Concepts’ 2011 MXB Shocker motocrossboard is definitely something different, since this is a hand-controlled two-wheel electric vehicle which does seem to resemble the love child of a snowboard and a dirt bike.Fast forward […]

Lightning Motorcycles hit new land speed record for electric bikes
We do know that electric vehicles are starting to catch on, but there is still the issue of making sure the battery can last for more than 200 miles. Well, Lightning Motorcycles focuses on, as you can tell by its name, motorcycles, and one of their models actually achieved a new land speed record for electric motorcycles, touching 206.079 mph to be the king of the world for electric motorcycles […]

BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle
You have probably read to the death about electric cars, but what about the two-wheeled brethren known as motorcycles? That is what we’re looking at with the BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle which is touted to deliver a performance equal to that of a 250cc dirt bike.The RedShift MX motocrosser and RedShift SM supermoto are the maiden models to roll off BRD – a San Francisco startup that came about […]

Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle
Electric vehicles tend to be more practical in moving folks from point A to point B without too much of a carbon footprint, but they certainly won’t be able to smoke petrol-powered ones – unless you’re in a Tesla Roadster, of course, but just how long can the Tesla make keep up with a thoroughbred Ferrari in the long haul? The same can be said for electric motorcycles, but with […]

Zero DS electric motorcycle
Zero Motorcycles is back with their latest effort, the Zero DS electric motorcycle. It will come equipped with tougher tires and a more aggressive suspension, running entirely off electricity. Despite not using any petrol, the Zero DS is still able to be a zippy vehicle on the street, featuring a huge round headlight in front without making it look out of place. It won’t be able to go as fast […]

Solar Flyer Electric Bike
Richard Gryzch has had enough with heading off to the gas station whenever his bike’s fuel tank runs empty that he literally took things into his own hands and come up with the Solar Flyer – a solar-powered bike. This project took over two years to complete, and it is believed to be the first solar charged electric motorcycle in the world. Amazingly enough, it has a range of 50 […]