Belkin N750DB “Uber” Router Available In May

belkin-n750Belkin has announced that its N750DB router would be available in the next couple of weeks. The Belkin N750DB is the brand’s top of the line router and has features such as multiple antennas, multiple wireless bands, USD ports, wireless printing, network attached storage functionality.. and more. It comes with a default security setup so that novice users are protected from the start. People typically get only one router and keep it for years, so I’ve identified key features that you might want to know about:

Belkin Memory Safe: this allows users to plug a USB drive and to effectively turn the N750DB into a network attached storage (a network disk) to which files can be backed up, or consolidated.

Wireless Printing: As its name indicates, it is possible to plug a USB printer and share it among several computers without leaving one of them ON at all times as you would need to do if sharing was using Windows or Mac OS.

Self-Healing: Basically, if there is a network problem, the router is a bit smarter and tries to diagnose itself and fix things (this is not a “fix-it-all”, but it can be handy for small problems). It also makes sure that it is using the wireless band that is least crowded in your particular environment. Many routers do this only once, but the N750DB should do this on a regular basis.

The router has many more features, but those are the ones that I think could be useful to most people. For more information on the Belin N750DB, head to Belkin’s product comparison page.


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