How to Assign a Static IP Address (Windows 8/10 + Android)

We will be guiding you through the simple process of assigning a static IP address in Windows 8, Windows 10 and Android.

How To Find Your Network MAC Address (Windows 10)

Windows 10 actually makes it easy to find your MAC address. But, depending on what you want to do with the physical address or MAC address, there can be two different methods to approach.

Norton Core Secure WiFi Router

You probably know Norton for its security software, but Norton Core is a great looking home router which is touted as being “secure.” With the number of connected home devices increasing rapidly and very sensitive data such as live home video feeds there are many potential targets for hacking. That’s why Norton thinks there is a market for a secure router.

Linksys Velop Home WiFi Mesh Network Router Announced

WiFi mesh devices seem to be pretty popular these days. Google recently launched their own efforts with Google WiFi, and it seems that Linksys has no interest in giving up their market share to the company. This is why it isn’t surprising to see Linksys announce the Velop Whole Home WiFi system that CES 2017.


D-LINK 890L Tri Band AC3200 Router Review

If the size and color are an indication of how a device would performance, there is little doubt that the D-LINK 890L/R ought to be one of the most powerful based on the sheer size of the device and blazing fast with its bright shiny bright red color.D-Link has an history with odd looking shape design device if you can remember the Boxee Box design. I know that “Beauty is […]

How to Set Up DDNS (Dynamic DNS/DynDNS)

The purpose of using a Dynamic DNS service is to map your WAN (or Public) IP address to a name. A domain name is easier to remember and it is not affected if your WAN IP address changes, unless you signed up for a business account which offers static public IP address.Dynamic DNS is a service, mostly free, and there are quite a few of them available. One option would […]

Get A Static IP address In Windows

A Static IP address is a requirement if some hardware within your network act as a “server” or a “resource”. Every devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) connected to a network has a unique address, known as IP address. The IP address has two components, the Network ID and the Host ID. Let’s look at the most common IP address schema on a home network, Class C, 16 bits Host ID […]

How To Setup Port Forwarding

If you are considering hosting services (web service, FTP service, game server) on your home network computers accessible from the Internet, then port forwarding is a prerequisite. Port forwarding, also called port mapping, is a networking process, NAT/PAT, to allow a remote computer, from the internet, to be redirected to a port listening on a private network where a service is running.

Buffalo AirStation AC 1200 Dual Band Router Brings Support For 802.11AC

[CES 2014] Buffalo came to the International Consumer Electronics Show with a variety of networking and storage products, its got one more up its sleeve. Apart from announcing a portable wireless HDD and network attached storage devices, Buffalo has also unveiled its new wireless networking devices that bring affordable support for the latest 802.11ac wireless standard.The AirStation AC 1200 Dual Band wireless router WHR-116D is one of those devices. The […]

Qualcomm Launches “Internet Processor” With Snapdragon DNA

Qualcomm has just announced that it is introducing a line of Internet Processor (IPQ, the Q stands for Qualcomm) that will provide higher performance for connected devices like routers and other Internet appliances that may need to handle high data throughput. When we discussed with Todd Antes from Qualcomm-Atheros, he said that in Qualcomm’s own estimations, a number of Internet devices were limited by their network processing power, instead of […]

Qualcomm’s AllJoyn Gets An Update

[WMC 2013] During a keynote at Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs and several high-profile executives like Rob Chandhok were promoting AllJoyn, the company’s open platform for device-to-device proximity communications that allow devices to exchange data over any network protocol, without going through a wide area network.To shed some context around this new AllJoyn push, you should remember that Qualcomm has been promoting the concept for the past […]

Buffalo WZR-1750DHP and WZR-1166DHP routers have new User Interface

[CES 2013] Buffalo is coming up with a couple of new WiFi 11ac routers named Buffalo WZR-1750DHP ($179) and Buffalo WZR-1166DHP ($149). From what we understand, they look very much like the current Buffalo WZR-D1800H in terms of features and performance. However, they will come with Buffalo’s new user interface which makes the most used features (password, guest network… etc) easy to access and setup. Obviously there is still an […]

Buffalo LinkStation 410 and LinkStation 420 Refresh

[CES 2013] Buffalo is coming up with two interesting models that are part of the 2013 refresh of the LinkStation line of network-attached storage (NAS). Both models feature a significant increase in performance (in MB/s) which is mainly due to a new processor (CPU) and a lot more memory. The CPU went from a frequency of 600Mhz to one of 1.6GHz, and the memory went from 64MB (DDR2) to 256MB […]

EnGenius Powerline Media Adapter Kits Announced

[CES 2013] If you’ve got multiple devices at home that requires connection to the internet, such as gaming consoles, audio/visual equipment and computers, then EnGenius’ newly announced Powerline adapter kits might be of interest to you. The company has announced several as part of the Powerline lineup, so depending on your needs, such as home or office, networking or gaming EnGenius is hoping that they will have something for you.