Belkin Unveils Wireless Charging Mount For Your Car

Charging your phone while you drive isn’t exactly a new thing, but in case you’re not a fan of plugging and unplugging your smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that Belkin has announced a new wireless charging mount that is designed to sit on your car’s air-con vent.

Belkin Debuts New And Redesigned Wemo In-Wall Smart Switches

#CES2019 – Smart bulbs are a fun way to get into making your home smart. With the ability to schedule your lights, make them flash, change the colors, it seems pretty straightforward. However it can be expensive to outfit your entire home with them, which is where smart switches come into play.

Belkin Unveils New Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock For The iPhone & Apple Watch

At this point in time, it is really anyone’s guess as to when Apple will launch the AirPower charging mat, or rather if they plan to do so after hearing reports about it facing various technical hurdles. However thankfully for iPhone users seeking alternatives, Belkin is more than happy to oblige.

Apple-Approved Battery Pack With Lightning Input Launched By Belkin

Belkin has finally launched the first Apple-approved battery pack that has a Lightning input for charging. This is going to make life much easier for people who don’t carry a microUSB or USB Type-C cable because they don’t have the need for one. They can use the same Lightning cable that they use to charge their iOS device with to fill up the power bank.


Foxconn Announces That They Will Be Acquiring Belkin

Foxconn is a name that some might think of when it comes to manufacturing iPhones. Belkin on the other hand is a brand that some might associate with smartphone accessories, such as cables, cases, chargers and so on. Now it looks like both companies will be one, or to be more specific, Foxconn will be acquiring Belkin.

Belkin Unveils Phyn Plus Water Pressure Monitoring System

[CES 2018] Having a pipe leak can be troublesome, since it could mean water wastage which leads to an inflated water bill, or in some cases it could result in flooding of your basement, bathroom, kitchen, and a burst pipe is definitely a rather troublesome thing to clean up after, not to mention potential destruction of property.

Belkin’s HomeKit WeMo Bridge Will Be Available This Month

Many companies are trying to make their own smart home products and their own ecosystem which can be rather confusing and overwhelming as customers try to figure out what works with what. This is where companies such as Apple have stepped in with the HomeKit system which tries to unify your various smart appliances and gadgets in your home.

Belkin Takes The Wraps Off A Bunch Of Wireless Mobile Chargers

[CES 2018] While wireless charging isn’t exactly new technology, it seems that there appears to be an increase of interest in the tech following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X in 2017, all of which support wireless charging. So much so that accessory maker Belkin has since unveiled a bunch of new wireless mobile chargers.

Belkin Halts Sales Of iPhone X Screen Protector Following Complaints

A couple of months ago, Apple confirmed that out-of-warranty repairs for the iPhone X’s screen will cost customers close to $300. This means that investing in a protective case or a screen protector might be a cheaper investment. Naturally many companies have since launched accessories of their own, including Belkin.

Belkin’s USB-C Car Charger Offers Fast-Charging For iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X

With the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, Apple has introduced fast-charging capabilities to these phones albeit with a catch, and that is it will require users to use a USB-C charger to charge their iPhones. For those who charge while driving and who also want fast charging, you’ll be pleased to learn that Belkin has recently announced a new solution for you.

Belkin Unveils Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad For The iPhone

Apple’s new iPhones will feature wireless charging and if you’re looking for some new accessories that will let you take advantage of the feature, you’ll be pleased to learn that Belkin has announced the Boost Up wireless charging pad for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

Belkin’s ‘Wemo Bridge’ Brings HomeKit Support

Last year Belkin stated that they had no plans to support HomeKit, but recently the company has had a change of heart where they announced that they will be supporting HomeKit and would soon be unveiling a way in which they can do so with existing Wemo products as opposed to creating a brand new line.

Belkin Changes Their Mind, Will Bring HomeKit Support To Wemo

Last year Belkin announced that the company’s Wemo platform would not play nice with Apple’s HomeKit. The company claimed that this is due to a specific hardware component that would be impossible to introduce to existing devices, and it would require the company to create a completely separate lineup of products.

Belkin Launches Kevlar-Made USB Type-C Cable

Are you fed up of your USB cables tearing up? Belkin has a solution for you. The company is now expanding its lineup of Mixit DuraTek cables that are made with Kevlar fiber by adding a new USB Type-C cable to the collection. Given the material used in the construction of this cable, it goes without saying that this USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable from Belkin is going to […]