Hulu PlayBookAs some of you folks who bought the BlackBerry PlayBook when it was released yesterday, got home and tried to fire up your favorite shows to watch on Hulu – you might have realized that it won’t work on your PlayBook. I mean after all, the tablet has strong native Flash support right?

Well, it looks like the PlayBook has been given the same treatment that Hulu shows almost all mobile devices: which means you won’t be able to enjoy Hulu on the QNX-tablet. However, a user in the comments box seems to have figured out a workaround – by mailing the video’s embed code to yourself in Gmail and then opening it from there you should be able to view your Hulu videos.

So if Hulu-incompatibility is a dealbreaker for you, I guess you should hold out at least until Hulu or RIM provides a proper workaround to this problem. Even Android users are still waiting for Hulu to arrive on their devices.

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