Disney Unveils Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ Bundle For $12.99

Disney+ is expected to launch later this year where it will be priced starting at $6.99 a month. The service is expected to be extremely competitive given the strong franchises under Disney’s belt, but given how established other services such as Netflix is, it could still prove to be a hard sell.

Android TV Devices Get Hulu With Live TV Next Month

Hulu has confirmed that it’s adding Android TV to the list of supported platforms for its Hulu with Live TV bundle. This means that those who own Android TV-powered devices will be able to access the streaming service’s TV plan through the app. The plan bundles Hulu’s content library with live programming from more than 60 channels.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy TV Series Being Developed By Hulu

There will soon be a new version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the comedic science fiction classic from Douglas Adams. Hulu is reportedly developing a new adaptation of the novel with Carlton Cuse and Jason Fuchs. This adaptation is said to be a “modern updating of the story.”

Hulu Re-Enables 4K Streaming For Chromecast Ultra And Apple TV

If you’re a subscriber to Hulu’s streaming services and would like to take full advantage of your 4K television, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Hulu has since re-enabled 4K streaming. The company had previously introduced 4K streaming but for some reason, in 2018 they decided to remove the option for users to stream in 4K.


Hulu Begins Streaming Veronica Mars Seasons Next Month

The much awaited fourth season of cult classic TV show Veronica Mars is coming next month. Fans who need a refresher may want to watch the existing three seasons first. Hulu wants to make it easier for them to do just that. The online streaming company has confirmed that it will begin streaming all three Veronica Mars seasons from July 1st.

Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu From Comcast

It was expected that Disney will soon be able to take full control of Hulu and that’s precisely what has been announced today. Disney has reached a deal with Comcast which will give the former full control of the streaming media service starting today. However, the deal has been structured in a way that Comcast’s stake in Hulu won’t actually be sold to Disney for five years.

Hulu Developing Two New Marvel Shows

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service developing Marvel shows. Hulu has announced a new expanded deal with Marvel which will see the streaming service create two new shows based on characters from the latter’s superhero repertoire. The Ghost Rider and Helstrom series will both debut next year, according to Hulu.

Disney Might Offer A Discounted Bundle For Disney+, EPSN+, Hulu

There is no word on how much Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, could cost at launch. However, we imagine that in a bid to stay competitive, Disney will probably not deviate too far from how much current services charge, but that’s just speculation on our part since there are no official details yet.

Spotify Premium Bundles Hulu For No Extra Charge

Are you subscribed to Spotify Premium? If you are, there’s a nice little incentive that has now been bundled with that subscription. The Spotify Premium subscription now gets you access to the ad-supported plan of Hulu. This benefit is available starting today to all of those who are subscribed to Spotify Premium.

Disney Reportedly Wants AT&T’s Stake In Hulu

A new report claims that Disney is in active talks with AT&T to acquire WarnerMedia’s 10 percent stake in Hulu. This would enable the entertainment giant to further increase its control of the streaming platform. Disney has a 30 percent stake in Hulu currently and will acquire an additional 30 percent once its Fox acquisition goes through.

Hulu’s New Price Plans Are Live

Earlier this year Netflix announced that they would be hiking up their prices. This is done as Netflix is starting to invest more in original content and is looking to help recover some of those expenses. The good news is that in response to Netflix’s price hike, Hulu announced that they would actually be making their prices cheaper.

New Hulu Ad Will Appear When You Pause

Hulu may have cut the price of its ad-supported plan recently but it’s now announcing the launch of a new ad unit. Majority of its subscribers are on the ad-supported plan so ads are an important source of revenue for the streaming company. The new ad unit will come up when the user pauses whatever they’re streaming. The only good news is that it won’t be a video ad.

Hulu Price Cut To $5.99 Per Month

Not long after Netflix raised prices for all subscribers in the United States, Hulu has decided to cut the price of its base subscription plan. It currently costs $7.99 per month for the ad-supported plan and Hulu has decided to cut its price to $5.99 per month starting February 26th.

Netflix Thinks Fortnite Presents A Bigger Competition Than HBO Or Hulu

Netflix as an entertainment service that provides video streaming to their customers definitely has their fair share of competitors in the form of Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and let’s not forget Disney who is planning on launching their own service later this year. However interestingly enough, Netflix doesn’t necessarily view them as big of a competition compared to Fortnite.