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60% Of BlackBerry PlayBook Owners Still Using The Device Today [Poll]
According to an earlier post, it was suggested that BlackBerry has not decided to neglect its PlayBook tablet entirely and that there could be additional updates for the tablet that have yet to be released.In fact last we heard, BlackBerry was not closed to the idea that they could make a new PlayBook device in the future, although they did not specify when such a device would be released. In […]

BlackBerry Playbook Update Is In The Works, BlackBerry Bridge Updated
The BlackBerry Playbook is the Canadian company’s first and last attempt at a tablet. This isn’t to say that there won’t be a sequel or another tablet attempt by BlackBerry, but as it stands it’s pretty much the only tablet made by the company at the moment.The device was launched back in 2011 meaning that the device is about 3 years old by now and according to BlackBerry back in […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Successor Possible In The Future
BlackBerry’s hardware division needs a miracle to pull the company out of the slump it finds itself in. All smartphones it has released over the last couple of years haven’t exactly proven to be global hits. BlackBerry only made one foray into the tablet market, that too back in 2011 with the ill-fated PlayBook. Even though when it was first unveiled the tablet looked promising, it failed to set the […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Rumors Start Circulating
Now that the speculation about BlackBerry’s sale has finally ended, people have moved on to asking what’s next for the Canadian manufacturer. Earlier this year BlackBerry said it will now focus more on the enterprise market, while releasing only four devices each year. The company’s handset business has contributed a lot to the precarious situation BlackBerry finds itself in right now, even its BB10 devices have failed to regain any […]


BlackBerry Playbook Receives OS Update
While the BlackBerry Playbook will not be getting the update to BlackBerry OS 10, well fret not because it seems that the folks at BlackBerry have not completely forgotten about the tablet and have since released an update for the device. The update will bump the tablet’s software to OS and will introduce a host of tweaks and bug fixes, such as updating the Adobe Flash Player and more, […]

BlackBerry 10 Will Not Be Headed To The PlayBook After All
BlackBerry's CEO confirmed the company's PlayBook will not be receiving BlackBerry 10.

Blackberry CEO Rumored To Share Tablet Plans On 15th May During Blackberry Live
Word has it that Blackberry 10 is expected to eventually make its way onto the Blackberry Playbook tablet, but with tablets being extremely popular devices, with some even calling them PC replacements, will Blackberry be content with just the Playbook? According to a tweet by investor Antonio Costa, it seems that Blackberry might have other tablets in the works and that Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, could be giving us some […]

Possible native BBM app on the Blackberry Playbook spotted
BBM for the Blackberry Playbook tablet has long been teased and we’re sure that many Playbook owners are still waiting, or have probably given up by now. While a release date for the app has yet to be announced by RIM, screenshots from the Blackberry Playbook have been spotted (via with a native BBM app running on top of it. We can’t confirm if these screenshots are indeed the […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Igloo Update
It is bitter cold in certain countries right now, especially for folks living in the extreme north hemisphere. Having said that, considering how Canada is known as the Great White North, it is then fitting for a Canadian company known as Research In Motion to reveal an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, dubbing it Igloo along the way. The Igloo update will weigh in at 37MB in size which […]

BBM spotted on the Blackberry Playbook
When the Blackberry Playbook was launched, many were wondering why a key Blackberry  feature, BBM, was missing. Well if you’re wondering what BBM on the Playbook might look like, @BB_in has posted a photo on their Twitter profile with what appears to be BBM for the Playbook. Unfortunately it seems that hacking BBM onto the Playbook isn’t for everyone, and according to @BB_in it will “wreck” your Playbook. We’re not […]

Blackberry Playbook to be used in trial program by UK police forces
Given that Canada is the home ground for RIM, we guess it’s not surprising that several police departments in Canada have utilized RIM’s Blackberry Playbook in their operations. Well it looks like the Sussex Police in the UK have decided to come on board as well. The police will be trialing the new system which will see Playbook tablets installed in 400 police vehicles. With the Playbook tablet not being […]

4G LTE Blackberry Play could be headed AT&T's way
While RIM’s Blackberry Playbook tablet isn’t exactly the device that everyone’s queuing up for or selling out, the company has made it a more attractive device by adding 4G LTE support to it. Unfortunately at this point in time, the 4G Playbook is only available in Canada, although plans to roll it out to US, Europe and the rest of the world is definitely in the cards, but how soon, […]

10" BlackBerry PlayBook spotted?
It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about the 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook, but now it looks like the tablet could actually be real. Some folks over at Tinhte managed to get of what appears to be a 10″ version of the PlayBook, gave it a simple tear down and was kind enough to share it with the world. The 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook features hardware that’s not very different from the […]

LTE BlackBerry PlayBook going on sale July 31st in Canada?
Awhile ago we had confirmation of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, and not long after that we saw it visit the FCC. Well, it looks like the tablet is finally on its way to retail outlets. The folks over at Mobilesyrup managed to get their hands on a screenshot of the launch plans for the tablet. The 4G LTE-capable tablet is scheduled to hit retail outlets in Canada on July […]

Sonic 4 Episode 1 now on the BlackBerry PlayBook
Earlier this year RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be receiving more games in the future, and one of the promised games was Sonic 4. Well, it looks like the day has finally arrived as SEGA announced on its blog over the weekend that Sonic 4 Episode 1 has arrived on the PlayBook. Sonic 4 Episode 1 marks the blue hedgehog’s first appearance on the RIM tablet. So for […]

RIM confirms 16GB Blackberry Playbook discontinuation
Just yesterday we reported that thanks to a leaked email, it would appear as thought RIM would be discontinuing the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook tablet. At that time while the email did appear to be valid, it was not officially confirmed and now thanks to a statement that RIM issued to the folks at Engadget, the discontinuation is indeed for real. According to RIM:

16GB Blackberry Playbook appears to have been discontinued
If you were hoping to get your hands on the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook, you might be out of luck. According to an email sent from RIM to a consumer, it seems that the company will be discontinuing the 16GB Blackberry Playbook model. This means that if you wanted to get the Playbook, you will have to go for the more expensive 32GB and 64GB versions. Some have […]

Blackberry Playbook with LTE gains FCC approval
We know that RIM has announced that the Blackberry Playbook tablet will be getting an upgrade in the form of an LTE version, but just when exactly will we be able to see the device hit the shelves? While a specific date of release has yet to be confirmed, the device was recently spotted at the FCC and has reportedly gained FCC approval for its release into the consumer market. […]

4G LTE capable Blackberry Playbook has reportedly been confirmed
A while back RIM announced that they would eventually release a 4G version of the Blackberry Playbook. Unfortunately the details of the device have remain unknown and there was no release date in sight, at least until recently when images of what appeared to be a 4G enabled Playbook made its rounds on the internet. Now thanks to the folks over at the Canadian Reviewer, it seems that the 4G […]

More games will be headed onto the Blackberry Playbook
So the Blackberry Playbook recently got their hands on some pretty interesting games such as Angry Birds Space and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Will those games be enough to entice users to purchase the Playbook or to convince existing users to keep using it? While that remains to be seen, RIM’s Anders Jeppsson has revealed today via his Twitter account that there are plenty of games that […]