The prices of streaming services have been going up over the years. This is to be expected as companies need to pay more to maintain their services as more users subscribe, plus they are also investing in a lot of originals and also have to pay for licensing fees for other shows in their catalog.

In the case of Hulu, in a bid to help make their subscriptions feel more worth it, the company has announced that those who are subscribed to Hulu + Live TV will now be getting a free upgrade in terms of unlimited DVR storage. This is a free upgrade and will not come at any additional cost, thus making the subscription a bit more value for money, especially for those who take advantage of the feature.

Hulu isn’t alone in offering users these types of features. DirecTV also started to include unlimited DVR in their plans earlier this year, and other platforms like YouTube TV have a similar offering and it is actually priced slightly cheaper, although given that both platforms do have different types of content, price isn’t necessarily the best way to judge which is “better”.

In the meantime, other streaming services like Netflix have started to offer mobile games as part of its subscription to help make the service more worthwhile, although we imagine that not everyone wants to play games so that value added offering might be a bit more niche.

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