Now here’s an idea that might just have me take up the hobby of collecting comics yet again – we’re looking at the Lego Audio Comic project which will actually comprise of a life-size Lego Space Helmet that is capable of playing downloadable audio tracks for comics. This concept is the idea of Jonathan Robson, where the Lego helmet comes with a gold space visor for added effect. You should never, at any time, wear this helmet if you’re going to go out skateboarding or to protect your noggin’ if you’re involved in extreme sports – use the proper helmet instead. When you put the Lego Space Helmet on your head, it will function as a headset for listening to the audio for Lego comics in addition to being a role-playing toy.


Whenever you’re subscribed to Audio Comics, you will be on the receiving end of the Lego comic via post, where your activation code will be used to download the audio onto a USB-enhanced brick. Slot the brick into the back of the helmet, wear it and you’re good to go – it couldn’t get any simpler than that!

A couple of buttons that are located on the side of the helmet will enable one to skip through pages in the audio tracks if those do not capture your fancy. What do you think – will this help increase the reading and creative habits among the younger children these days since they’re more or less a video game generation now?

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