new-la-parking-signYes, it is a saying that is true and worthy that one should not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, but the thing is, just how many things, concepts, processes or devices out there that are as perfect as a wheel, and no longer needs any kind of improvement? If one were to figure out parking signs in downtown Los Angeles, it might be an extremely challenging experience since there might be up to half a dozen signs attached to a single pole, where you would take quite a while to figure out whether you can park there or not.

Husting, a senior transportation engineer over at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, decided to change the way things work so that parking signs will end up being a whole lot more comprehensible. Close to two years from the initial effort, a pilot program of signs is being rolled out, where across the span of the next half dozen months, the city will see a cool hundred or so new signs installed around the downtown area in order to test out a design which will summarize everything into a single easy-to-read grid.

If you are a LA native, what do you think of the changes made, and should such signs be standard all over?

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