android-wrapper-phoneA few years back, not many people would have thought that Android would end up being the tour de force that it is today, as the Android operating system proved to be one mobile operating system that was full of bugs. Of course, this was before the Google Nexus One was released that changed the general public’s perception on how an Android smartphone could look like, and that was followed by a rather phenomenal growth rate in the year 2010 all the way to 2011. It seemed that the Google team back then had plenty of interesting ideas, ideas that could not be executed at that point in time because existing technology could not catch up with the concept itself.

What you see above is one of such ideas, where it appeared in the US patent database after having the patent granted to Google, having listed Erick Tseng as the inventor. The patent is known as “ Mobile electronic device wrapped in electronic display” and was filed sometime near Christmas of 2009. It is basically a smartphone that is wrapped with a bendable electronic display, where one touchscreen display will be accompanied by a flexible E Ink or OLED display. Needless to say, this never made it to the real world, but things might change in the future – who knows?

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