RageHDAccording to an interview with PC gaming legend, John Carmack, it’s going to be awhile before we ever see Rage or any of their titles making their way to Android phones anytime soon. The first thing that might pop up to mind would be – is it the fragmentation? Is the hardware of the phone? Apparently not. According to John Carmack – you just can’t make money off Android games. He did a quick poll between iOS and Android users at the last Quakecon event where he asked them who has spent $20 on a game for their mobile phones before. The majority of hands raised were from iOS users. Based on this poll alone, he’s decided not to create games for Android. While it does make sense to want to develop for the platform that gives you money, what if the reason that nobody spends $20 on an Android game is because there aren’t any games worth spending that much on? And are there even $20 games on Android to begin with? How many of you have spent $20 on a mobile game before?

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