Whenever it comes to companies battling it out in court over the recent years (involving technological companies, of course, as we are a tech blog after all), someone will usually kick start procedures by filing a lawsuit, while the offended party (so to speak) will countersue shortly after that, and it is truly a matter of time after that before the thing gets dragged in court, where a private settlement is most likely while the rest of us just sit and view the “action” from afar.

Having covered the story about Apple suing Samsung for copying the iPhone and iPad’s feel in the Korean company’s hardware offerings (smartphones as well as tablet), Samsung is obviously not going to just sit down and roll with the punches – in fact, they intend to punch right back. 

Samsung has already submitted their complaints to courts in Seoul, Tokyo and Mannheim, Germany, claiming that Apple instead are the ones who have infringed patents related to mobile-communications technologies. When a spokesman for Apple was contacted, he tactfully declined to comment, and pointed back to where it all started – Cupertino’s complaint which was filed last week. It does seem to be shaping up to be one of those long, drawn out court battles – we hope that everything will be settled soon as the world has enough problems as there are already without having to tech giants duking out some paperwork issues.

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