Samsung vs Apple

You might have wondered what took them so long, but they’ve finally done it. Apple has just put on its gloves and stepped into the ring with Samsung, with reports of the fruity company sending a lawsuit towards the Korean electronic manufacturer’s direction. In the lawsuit, Apple claims that Samsung copied the look and feel of their iPhone and iPad devices. The lawsuit is directed at Samsung’s Android devices such as the Galaxy S 4G, Epic 4G, Nexus S and Galaxy Tab.

While it’s true that Samsung’s TouchWiz UI looks as though it was inspired by Apple’s iOS, but under close scrutiny, there are only a handful of icons that truly look alike. In terms of hardware design, the Galaxy S does look like the iPhone at a glance, but then again so do many smartphones that don’t have keyboards and have curved bezels. Sure, Samsung could have done better, and chose not to be inspired by Apple, but Apple had set the trend back then and if you weren’t going to come up with something better, they probably felt they were better off getting inspiration from the company that was at first place.

Apple also needs to realize they’re biting the hand that feeds them in this situation – many components used in their products are from Samsung. The A4 and A5 processors found in the iPhone and iPad, RAM and display technology, and even the Solid State Drives in their MacBook Air has been reported to be from Samsung. It’s uncertain what will happen to their relationship, but this lawsuit might have some unforeseen consequences.

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