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One of the major selling points that E-Ink readers have against Apple’s iPad is that they can be read outdoors in the bright daylight. Well it looks like Apple has plans to minimize the problem with future generations of its iOS devices. In a patent filing, recently discovered by AppleInsider, titled “Display that Emits Circularly-Polarized Light”, Apple proposes an invention that describes a liquid crystal display that reduces perceived distortion when viewed through linearly polarizing filters i.e. sunglasses.

While the explanation behind the technology is pretty technical and drawn out, what Apple is proposing is basically a display that can be viewed outdoors without any problem when a user wears sunglasses. While it does sound like a good idea to have screens that can be viewed outdoors using sunglasses, the solution somehow doesn’t feel elegant enough or very “Apple-like” to me. Unless of course, Apple is planning to release eyewear (iWear anyone?) to complement these new screens, I doubt we’ll be seeing this patent being used anytime soon. I think that Apple would be better off creating a screen that works outdoors without additional sunglasses.

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