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Samsung Tests Flexible Display Handset (Rumor)
Flexible displays in smartphones are not a new idea, although they have yet to be properly implemented in a consumer class smartphone to date. Concepts of flexible displays on a smartphone from Samsung have been shown off in the past, while it has also been rumored that Samsung and LG will launch flexible display smartphones some time next month, which is why we are excited to bring you word that […]

Vision-Correcting Display Screens
Wearing a pair of glasses might make you look cool from time to time, but it is not fun at all whenever you are involved in a sporting event, as the presence of sweat tends to make your glasses slip. Here we are with researchers at UC Berkeley laying claim to the creation of a vision-correcting matrix for display screens, which could go a long way in helping office drones […]

Shatterproof Screens Could See Action In Future Smartphones
Polymer scientists over at the University of Akron might have stumbled upon a discovery which would make mobile device owners whoop with joy in the years to come – by working on a transparent electrode which is capable of churning out shatterproof displays. This group of researchers showed off just how a transparent layer of electrodes on a polymer surface could result in being tough and yet extremely flexible, capable […]

Japan Display Develops WhiteMagic WUXGA Display
Japan Display Inc. has had its fair share of time under the spotlight in the past, as recently as at the end of last month, where we talked about the advent of WhiteMagic technology. Having said that, Japan Display has worked on a 7” WhiteMagic WUXGA (Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array) LCD display which if adopted across the board by the tablet industry, it could mark a new dawn in […]


Japan Display Reveals WhiteMagic Technology In Tablet Display
Japan Display is a name that we are all familiar with, considering the number of various mobile displays that they have released in the past as well as enterprise-based displays that support high resolution and insane pixel densities. Well, in their latest effort concerning a new high resolution tablet display, it will rely on “WhiteMagic” technology that is said to deliver better visibility outdoors as well as a lower power […]

Dell Has A 24" UHD Display Revealed On Website
At this time, Full HD 1080p resolutions are still considered to be the standard, meaning that monitors typically support resolutions of 1920×1080, but with 4K UHD displays starting to enter the market, we wouldn’t be surprised if further down the road it becomes the new standard. While most of us don’t have use for 4K right now, there are some out there who do and it looks like Dell might […]

ViewSonic Debuts 10-Point Windows 8 Certified Touch TD40 Display Series
ViewSonic intends to deliver a new range of displays for business customers, where these new displays would arrive in the form of the TD2740 and TD3240. The former would be a 27” display which targets both consumer and commercial markets, while it has a larger 32″ TD3240 that was specially designed for interactive digital signage applications.Thanks to the inclusion of 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, both of these Full HD […]

ReconJet Heads-Up Display At Google I/O: Looks Neat
Recon Instruments is launching this futuristic-looking heads-up display, which is integrated to sunglasses. The idea is pretty much the same as Google Glass: to deliver information in an integrated way and the sunglasses integration may be just a little bit more conspicuous at first. On a second look, it’s quite obvious that there are not ordinary sunglasses since the display element protrudes quite a bit. Still, this design may yield […]

HP U160 15.6-inch LED Backlit Portable Monitor
[CES 2013] The HP U160 is a USB powered notebook monitor that can be folded inside a very practical case which acts as a stand when unfolded. The thin, light and elegant body weighs only 3.4 pounds and is only 1.02 inches thick.The HP U160 looks like the perfect monitor to have when on-the-go, and during the briefing with HP, we thought that it could be a useful gadget to […]

Lenovo ThinkVision Mobile Touch Monitor
[CES 2013] Lenovo does not only make great business machines, they have also branched out to deliver mobile touchscreen displays. Case in point, the Lenovo ThinkVision Mobile Touch that has arrived at CES 2013, where it is touted to be the first and slimmest touch mobile monitor from Lenovo. Forget about seeing this as a secondary display, the ThinkVision Mobile Touch is much more than that, boasting a 10-point touch […]

MultiTouch develops world’s biggest multi-touch wall
Check out the MultiTaction Cell displays that were specially developed by MultiTouch, where it has gained the moniker as the world’s biggest multi-touch wall, and surely this will be part of a groundbreaking business communications facility. MultiTouch’s claim to fame is being the developer of the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, so their achievement that you can view in the video above is certainly a sight […]

Samsung LED square display announced
IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany is definitely the place to be if you happen to be in Europe and have a love for all things new in the world of consumer electronics. Case in point, the LED squre display from Samsung which is said to deliver an innovative 1:1 ratio LED square display, going by the model number UD22B. Obviously, this LED square display is meant for commercial application, where […]

World's thinnest display is a soap bubble screen
This is rather interesting – who would have thought that the ‘world’s thinnest display‘ is actually a screen that is one huge soap bubble? According to the international team behind this particular transparent display, that’s who. Who knows, the future might see us normal folk actually watch films on soap bubbles, although I do wonder just how sensitive such displays will be to blowing air, and what happens when there […]

Lumus OE-31 See-through Wearable AR Display
We have covered Lumus See-through Wearable AR Display at CES, and the company showed a new optical engine at MWC, a super-sleek version that enables discreet see-through wearable display. The OE-31 can be now integrated in regular glasses, such as the sunglasses with embedded MP3 player in the picture below (the Lumus OE-31 display is mounted on the left side).