The PlayStation 3 is a beast of a machine, or at least it was before Sony stripped its four USB ports down to two removed the memory card reader altogether in order to cut down on production costs and lower the MSRP from $600 at launch to a more affordable $400 and now $300. For those who miss the lost ports on their PS3 Slims, Duracell is stepping in to meet that void with its Extender dock.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, the Extender attaches to the PS3 Slim via a USB cable (so, one is hogged up by the Extender’s power supply with three for actual use). The SD card slot and Sony Memory Stick slot is located on the front. The entire thing elongates the already fat (yeah, I called the PS3 Slim fat) console making it even more heavy. If you really must have the extra USB ports and memory card slots and your media center has enough room to support the Duracell Extender, then by all means, get it.

The Duracell Extender isn’t cheap though, it’ll cost you $80.

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