Gary Neville, one of the most loyal players and servants of worldwide famous soccer team Manchester United, has finally hung up his boots for good – but not before playing in his own testimonial for one last time, reuniting the rest of Fergie’s Fledglings (Giggs, Beckham, Phil Neville, Butt, Scholes) for perhaps one last time? What is interesting about that match is, Gary wants to turn the world’s most watched game into something that is environmentally friendly, and he walks the talk by planning his eco-friendly home that you can see above. As for his testimonial, all energy that is provided to the 76,000-seater Old Trafford stadium will be powered by 52 windmills that are operated throughout the UK by Ecotricity. 


Neville says, “Over the past five years a series of events have made me recognize that I need to make a personal change in my lifestyle. I’ve changed my car, I’m more aware of locally produced foods and I’m building a zero-carbon home. I still have a lot of changes to make and I’m sure if you followed me you could pick a lot of holes in my life. But it’s a journey I want to make and one I feel we’ll all have to make.”

Now, will stadiums also go green with the kind of packaging they use at snacks stalls? That can be a start for those who haven’t done so yet.

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