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Bob, World’s Smallest, Lightest & Fastest Dishwasher Made of Recyclable Materials
Daan Tech is back at CES with Bob, a tiny eco-friendly dishwasher targeted at people living in small apartments, in RVs or using boats where space is scarce, and water needs to be saved. According to Damian Py, President and CEO, Daan Tech, Bob is the “world’s smallest, lightest & fastest dishwasher entirely made of recyclable materials”.   The 2 place setting dishwasher fits on the side of a sink, cleans […]

The Startup 'Heliogen' Backed By Bill Gates Announces A Breakthrough
Heliogen is a startup not known to many. It recently surfaced the buzz when it announced a solar breakthrough.Heliogen aims to replace fuels with sunlight. Even though it sounds impossible for the time being – they have succeeded with a breakthrough that potentially helps Industries to use solar energy instead of fuels.The breakthrough involves a pretty basic concept where a field of mirrors reflects the sunlight to a single point […]

Norway Implements Largest Onshore Wind Project In Europe
Norway is definitely a country that might have insanely high taxes, but it is also a model country where the government has used much of its oil revenue to benefit the rest of the citizens there in terms of infrastructure and services. Not only that, it is an eco-friendly country as well, where Norway has already made use of huge floating wind turbines, as well as merging wind and hydro […]

Folding Offshore Wind Turbines Could Be Energy Answer For The Future
Going green does include many aspects of life, and among those aspects would be the clever use of renewable energy. Solar power, as well as wind turbines do come in handy to power up your appliances and home, but how much wind is required? A whole lot, really, but then again we continue to discover new ways of being more efficient when it comes to generating juice from winds. In […]


Biggest Floating Wind Farm In The World Gets Nod Of Approval
It is always nice to go green, there are no two ways about that for sure. After all, we are here not to exploit the planet’s resources to a point of exhaustion, leaving nothing for the next generation, but rather, to ensure that there is still a place our children can call home and inherit by the time our life here on earth is over. While there have been many […]

Apple Purchases Huge Forest Area To Develop Eco-Friendly Product Packaging
When you are a company that has the size of Apple, you know for sure that whatever financial decisions which you would like to embark on, it will definitely affect a whole lot of people, including your suppliers. Having said that, with the Apple Watch about to create more history by the time it is released (or so that is what many people anticipate), both Apple and The Conservation Fund […]

Froute Pod Offers Style And Substance When You Camp
Certain families do have traditions, and some of them include camping which will hopefully be able to be a time where bonds are forged and brought closer, especially between parent and child. Camping has also progressed a whole lot from the traditional “pitch a tent” days, where tents in this day and age happen to be a whole lot more technologically advanced, such as the Froute Pod which is made […]

Wind Tree Concept To Generate Electricity In Style
When it comes to going green, renewable energy is one particular aspect to look into. Solar power, hydroelectricity – and of course, a wind turbine would be able to offer their fair share of contribution. Having said that, wind turbines normally work best where power generation is concerned when they arrive in a large form factor, and of course, mounted high up so that it can capture the brunt of […]

Strawberry Tree Offers A Clean Method Of Charging Devices In Public
It has been quite some time already that everyone carries some sort of mobile communications device, starting from the days of the dumb phone and ushering in the age of smartphones. Having said that, getting enough power to juice all of those communication devices could prove to be quite a challenge, which is why there should be more and more public areas that allow one to provide their power hungry […]

Samsung Considering New Line Of Eco-Friendly Printers You Can Fold
As much as we try to live a life free of paper, you’re going to come across a time in your life where you absolutely need a printer to fill out paperwork, print out customized greeting cards, or to print out incriminating evidence for later use. Printers are a dime a dozen these days, which is why if you’re going to purchase one, you might as well go for an […]

Wind Turbine Works Sans Blades
What you see above might be just a concept at this point in time, an idea that has yet to be tested and proven successful, but assuming it actually takes off in due time, it could very well prove to be one of the modern engineering marvels that the world should emulate, especially the Danes who seem to be extremely obsessed with clean energy. The image above depicts a wind […]

Recyclable Solar Cells Could Be The Future
Solar cells are a good thing, as they do their bit to make sure that the world is able to survive on renewable energy, but manufacturing solar cells are not exactly the most eco-friendly method of getting things done due to the kind of toxic waste that is a by-product of the entire process. Well, researchers from Georgia Tech and Purdue might have stumbled upon the Holy Grail, where they […]

Paper Nano-SIM Cards Do Their Bit For The Environment
We are not called consumers for nothing, and this is not a flattering description of humanity. Whenever we consume stuff, there is waste generated, and it goes without saying that all the waste will need to go somewhere, much of the time the process of breaking down such waste releasing toxic chemicals to the environment that are detrimental to our health, both in the short and long term. Just as […]

One moment 01M biodegradable shoes
If there is one fashion affront that should never have been established, it would be the Crocs shoes, although you could also somewhat classify Lady Gaga under that particular category. Well, here is the One moment 01M biodegradable shoes where the namesake itself gives the game away, making it ideal for those who love all things that have to do with gardening. After all, these biodegradable shoes can be transformed […]