LG Electronics (LG) is set to make a significant stride towards inclusivity and sustainability with the introduction of its Universal UP Kit at IFA 2023 (Sep 1-5, Berlin). This innovative collection of home appliance accessories and add-ons is designed with universal usability in mind and is crafted from recycled materials, embodying LG’s commitment to a more inclusive and eco-friendly future.

The Universal UP Kit from LG is poised to revolutionize the user experience for individuals with physical challenges, eliminating the need for wholesale replacements and aligning with the brand’s vision of a more accessible world.

A Sustainable and Inclusive Future

In an era where inclusivity and sustainability are paramount, LG’s Universal UP Kit underscores the brand’s dedication to both principles. By offering customers a means to seamlessly integrate accessory products into their existing LG home appliances, LG is promoting an environment where entire appliances need not be replaced.

This approach not only elevates user experience but also minimizes the need for upgrading to the latest models, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Evolution of Eco-Focused Initiatives

The Universal UP Kit is a natural progression of LG’s ongoing commitment to environmental consciousness and accessibility-oriented ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. The brand’s introduction of a minimalist design appliance lineup in 2022 was a testament to its commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

This strategy centers on reducing components and incorporating recyclable materials, thereby lowering the overall environmental impact of its products.


To ensure the success of the Universal UP Kit, LG actively engaged its Accessibility Advisory Council, an independent board comprised of individuals facing challenges like hearing or vision impairments and cerebral palsy. The council’s members provided invaluable insights and personal experiences, shedding light on the difficulties they encountered while using various home appliances.

The South Korean company compiled, categorized, and analyzed this feedback, using it as the blueprint for the Universal UP Kit’s design — The collaborative endeavor paved the way for the creation of ‘aid kits,’ offering solutions derived from recycled plastics to conserve resources and minimize waste.

Comprehensive Solutions

Debuting at IFA 2023, the Universal UP Kit by LG presents an array of innovative and meticulously crafted solutions compatible with a diverse range of LG home appliances. These include refrigerators, CordZero stick vacuums, Styler clothing care cabinets, dishwashers, water purifiers, washing machines, and dryers.

  • The Universal UP’s Easy Handle Kit features detachable handles designed to facilitate accessibility for users with limited manual dexterity or wrist strength. These handles offer a secure grip for pocket handles on LG washers, and the high-contrast color options cater to conditions like amblyopia.
  • The Assistant Kit introduces a detachable, wheeled strut that redistributes the weight of LG’s CordZero stick vacuum, granting enhanced control and maneuverability. The Easy Hanger Kit comes with a long handle and circular grip for Styler’s clothes hangers, enabling wheelchair users to easily place them on the Moving Hanger system atop LG’s clothing care cabinet.
  • In addition, LG introduced the Rotate Shelf Kit for enhanced refrigerator shelf usability and the Easy Nozzle Kit for the water purifier, enhancing accessibility through adjustable height and distance. Furthermore, the water purifier can be upgraded for those with visual impairments by adding the Silicon Cover with Braille.

The Vision Behind it all

Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, explains:

“The Universal UP Kit is designed to enhance the usability and accessibility of our home appliances and has been developed to resolve pain points shared with us by real consumers. Through the Universal UP Kit, we will ensure that all LG appliance owners, regardless of age or physical limitations, can enjoy a convenient user experience.”

A Glimpse into the Future

Attendees at LG’s IFA 2023 booth (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) from September 1-5 will have the opportunity to witness the Universal UP Kit solutions in action; These solutions will be showcased across a variety of the company’s home appliances in the ThinQ Home Zone, offering a glimpse into the promising future of inclusive and sustainable design.

LG’s introduction of the Universal UP Kit marks a significant stride towards achieving a more inclusive and sustainable future. By actively involving individuals with diverse challenges in the design process and focusing on recycled materials, LG showcases its commitment to making daily life more accessible while also reducing its ecological footprint.

Hopefully, this innovative step will resonate not only with the accessibility-conscious community but also with those who recognize the importance of environmental responsibility.

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