Plex is on a mission – no, not to take down the world’s most wanted man, but to make sure that Plex will be made available as widely as possible across multiple platforms. Imagine all of your precious media files being served up by the Plex Media Server, where it will run on both OS X and Windows platforms, while the future will see it appear across different flavors of Linux as well. Plex is currently working hard so that they can continue to improve the overall Plex experience, and that is a good thing, right?

Plex maintains a philosophy that caters to different clients with specifically tailored interfaces, so that everyone who uses it will be better off in the end with a customized user experience. Of course, Plex also knows that the economy isn’t at its zenith at the moment, and hence provides a range of options which depend on your particular needs and budget. For those who have picked up a 2011 LG Smart TV, a Plex client is built in for free, now how about that? Apart from that, you can also run the flagship client on a Mac Mini that is connected to your TV.

Surely many users would have multiple Plex clients running around the home, where one can easily appreciate the advantages of centralized management features to seamlessly switch between them. The Roku Streaming Players are introduced today, where they retail for $59 for a 720p version, and $79 for a 1080p version. Anyone given these a go, and how did you find it?

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