Roku Devices Can Now Be Controlled With Alexa

Roku has added support for yet another voice assistant to its streaming hardware. The company announced support for the Google Assistant just last fall and it has now done the same for Amazon’s Alexa. It will now be possible for Roku users to control their devices using voice commands given to Alexa.

Roku In Talks To Support AirPlay 2

The problem with companies such as Apple creating proprietary wireless protocols is that it can sometimes limit the choices of what consumers can buy. For example if you’re particularly locked into Apple’s ecosystem with AirPlay and AirPlay 2, then you need to be on the hunt for devices that support it, and sometimes what you want might not.

The Roku Channel’s Premium Subscriptions Have Gone Live

Roku had confirmed a couple of weeks ago that it will begin selling subscriptions to premium networks through the Roku Channel. It has now started doing just that. Users will now be able to add premium subscriptions from the likes of Starz, Showtime, EPIX, and more to the Roku Channel.

TCL And Roku Will Release An 8K TV This Year

There’s a lot of hype around 8K TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas. It will be a few years before there’s enough content to justify owning an 8K TV but manufacturers don’t want to wait that long before pushing out compatible TVs. To that end, TCL and Roku have announced that they are working on an 8K HDR TV that will be out in 2019.


Premium Network Subscriptions Now Available Through Roku Channel

Users can watch movies, live news, and TV-shows for free through the Roku Channel as long as they’re happy with watching ads. It does offer a great variety of content to viewers and now it’s kicking things up a notch. Subscriptions to premium networks such as Showtime will now be available through the Roku Channel, allowing viewers to pay for them on a single bill through their Roku account.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Start Shipping Tomorrow

Thinking of ordering a pair of Roku TV Wireless Speakers? Get ready to keep an eye out for the delivery truck. The company has confirmed that it’s going to start shipping the speakers from tomorrow. Customers get two speakers, a voice remote, and a new Roku Touch tabletop remote. The entire package is priced at $299 but Roku is offering a discount to customers who purchase it between tomorrow and […]

Google Assistant Will Now Play Nicely With Roku Devices

Google Assistant already plays nicely with a bunch of different devices, but if you’re a Roku owner who was hoping to get support for Google Assistant, you’re in luck as it has been confirmed that Roku devices, such as the Roku TV and streamers, will now support Google Assistant commands.

Sonos Speakers Might Get Roku Voice Control

Sonos smart speakers may get Roku voice control if a new report is to be believed. It’s said that the two companies are in “preliminary” talks about making this happen. There’s as much possibility of these talks falling through right now than there’s the chance of this actually happening.

Roku Devices To Get Support For Google Assistant

It will soon become easier to control your Roku devices. The company has confirmed today that it will soon be possible for users to control its devices through Google Assistant. A software update will be rolling out in the next few weeks which will bring Google Assistant to Roku-branded TVs, sticks, and streaming boxes.

Roku Brings Its Streaming Platform Onto The Web For Non-Roku Devices

There are various streaming services available at the moment, and there are some that are more accessible than others. Take for example Netflix where you can watch it on any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, and so on. Others, such as Roku, require users to own a Roku device, or at least devices running its software.

Samsung Smart TVs To Get Roku’s Movie Channel

Roku is launching its ad-supported movie and TV channel on third-party smart TVs in the United States starting with Samsung. The Roku Channel was launched in September last year and has only been available on Roku streaming devices and TVs powered by Roku OS. That’s going to change starting this summer when the Roku Channel is released for Samsung smart TVs.

Samsung, Roku Smart TVs Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacking

Back in the day, our TVs were simply displays that showed movies, the news, TV series, documentaries, and more from television broadcast stations. Nowadays our TVs have gotten smarter, allowing us to download apps, surf the web, play games, watch internet TV, and so on, but unfortunately that also means that it leaves itself open to being hacked.

YouTube TV Arrives On Roku Devices

The YouTube TV standalone online TV streaming service is now available on select Roku devices. The service enables Roku users to stream live local, sports, and national news channels on-demand. It also provides them with access to major broadcast and cable networks. YouTube TV is currently live in more than 80 metro areas across the country.

Roku Is Developing Its Own Voice Assistant

Voice assistants are increasingly becoming popular and Roku has now confirmed that it’s throwing its hat in the ring as well. The company today confirmed that it’s going to develop and launch its own voice assistant by the fall of 2018. It’s going to release the voice assistant as a free update for all existing Roku TVs and streaming devices. The company also announced the expansion of its licensing program […]