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It looks like Facebook is going to get a little more unproductive. As if games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars weren’t taking up enough of your time, the king of all time wasters is making its way over to the world’s favorite social network. Yes, that’s right – according to a report from CNN, Sid Meier’s critically acclaimed Civilization series is making the transition from being an offline/occasionally multiplayer game to a social networking game.

Sid Meier has mentioned that the essence of Civilization will be present – science, economy, and culture etc. But now it will include elements of social networking into the game – teams working together with a common goal. While it is possible to play the game solo, in order to be successful in the game, alliances will need to be formed.

“What was really intriguing to us was being able to emphasize cooperative game play, which was something that really hadn’t been a major part of ‘Civilization’ up to now. A lot of our design in ‘Civ World’ was taking advantage and using these opportunities for players to work together — teamwork, communication, planning. Those are all the things that become really important to ‘Civ World.'”

Civ World will be arriving this summer on Facebook.

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