Worried that you may run out of juice in your electric vehicle (EV) halfway while driving? That’s probably a concern that many EV owners face, some would even consider it a reason why you shouldn’t buy an EV, to avoid situations like those, but then again unexpected breakdowns can happen to regular vehicles too, right?

Well now it looks like AAA has started to recognize that EV’s are starting to catch on, or at the very least recognize that there is a growing number in their members who are sporting EV’s which is why they have announced a breakdown service that would target their EV members by sending out EV mobile charging units in its roadside assistance operations.  For now AAA will start off with six units in selected states including California, Florida, and Washington come this August and will be equipped with level 2 chargers and will be able to power up a car in a matter of hours, although we’re guessing if you stay nearby they will only have to juice your EV up enough for you to get home.

Level 3 chargers will be able to juice up a car in a couple of minutes but those are just limited to vehicles that feature the CHAdeMO charging technology.

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