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VW Electric Racecar Smashes Two Decade Old Goodwood Record
The Volkswagen I.D. R electric racecar has smashed the 20-year-old record at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb. Romain Dumas, the man behind the wheel of this electric racecar, was able to complete the climb on Friday in just 41.18 seconds. That was half a second clear of the previous 41.6 second record set in 1999 by former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld.

Ford And Rivian Team Up To Build An Electric Vehicle
Ford is investing heavily in technologies that will define the future of the automotive industry. It has earmarked considerable resources for electric and self-driving vehicles. The company has now announced a $500 million investment in electric vehicle startup Rivian and is going to work with the startup to build a new electric vehicle using its technology.

California Will Require City Buses To Be Electric Only By 2040
California is once again leading the charge in adopting a more environmentally friendly policy. After mandating solar panels for new developments not too long ago, the state has now decided to make it mandatory for all city buses to be fully electric by 2040. Mass transit agencies in California will be required to purchase electric buses only starting in 2029 and all public transit routes have to be populated by […]

Dyson Building Electric Car Factory In Singapore
Dyson, the company best known for its premium appliances, announced last year that it’s going to make an electric car. The company is moving ahead with its plan and has now revealed that it will be setting up the manufacturing plant for its electric car in Singapore. The company announced today that its board members have approved the construction of its first car manufacturing factory in Singapore.


BMW Investing $240 Million To Build More Efficient Electric Car Batteries
When it’s not envisioning a future where electric bikes have their own dedicated lanes, BMW is thinking about developing more efficient electric car batteries that push the envelope further on range. The group has announced that it’s investing $240 million in developing its new “BMW Group Battery Cell Competence Centre” to develop the powertrain for its next-generation electric vehicle.

This Electric Car Was Designed For Africa’s Rural Roads
The majority of electric cars we’ve seen are of the sedan variety, and also for the most part have been designed for developed markets and cities where the roads are well-paved. However this also means that another market has been completely neglected, which is the emerging market where in some parts of the world, roads aren’t even paved at all.

Seaweed Could Help Create Longer-Lasting Electric Car Batteries
At the moment lithium-ion batteries are what is being used to power the majority of our electronic devices, but is it ideal? There are probably better solutions out there that have yet to be discovered, and from what we’re seeing, scientists have come up with all kinds of different batteries that have yet to become commercial solutions.

Tesla Aims To Double Their Charging Network By End Of 2017
Is range anxiety still a factor that’s holding you back from purchasing an electric vehicle? That might have been more poignant several years ago, but in recent times we’re seeing carmakers starting to make serious efforts at installing more charging stations, and the good news for Tesla owners is that by the end of 2017, the company will be doubling up the size of their charging network.

BMW To Add 100 EV Charging Stations To US National Parks
What could be more green that installing electric vehicle charging stations at a national park, right? Turns out that’s pretty much what BMW is doing as the company has officially turned on an EV charger that they have installed at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, where it will be one of 100 EV charging stations they plan to install across US national parks.

Apple Maps For Europe Updated With EV Charging Locations
Regardless of whether you drive a more traditional car or an electric car, both require to be topped up with either gas or electricity. However given that gas-powered cars have been around considerably longer, gas stations are ubiquitous and if finding one has never really proved to be that difficult.

Apple ‘Almost Certainly’ Exploring The Idea Of Making A Whole Car
Back in 2016 we heard a report that suggested that Apple had apparently given up on building its own car. Instead it was suggested that the company could be looking at developing software for cars, and a recent permit granted by the California DMV has suggested that Apple’s car plans are still alive and well, although to what extent is unclear.

Tesla To Unveil The Finished Model 3 In July
The Tesla Model 3 has been talked about at great length simply because the Model 3 represents an electric car from Tesla that will not cost customers an arm and a leg to own. Compared to the other models offered by Tesla, like the Model X which is priced above $60,000, the Model 3 by comparison will be around $30,000 after taking into account federal incentives.

The Gratis X1 Is An Electric Jet Ski
These days electric vehicles on the road are pretty common, but out in sea, fully electric boats aren’t that common. Now if you’re someone who loves to jet ski but also loves the environment, you might be interested in a company called Free Form Factory that has recently unveiled an electric jet ski in the form of the Gratis X1.

New York To Offer Up To $2,000 To New Electric Car Buyers
Electric cars don’t always come cheap, but because they are supposedly better for the environment, the idea is that buy not paying so much for gas anymore you could end up saving money in the long run, whilst doing your part for planet Earth. The good news is that if you live in the state of New York, prepare yourselves for some rebates.

Shell UK To Start Installing EV Chargers At Petrol Stations
Thanks to the efforts of carmakers, EV chargers are now being positioned in more places which means that range anxiety is slowly starting to become a thing of the past. However as we have pointed out before, the fact that EV chargers aren’t quite as ubiquitous as petrol stations means that sometimes it can be a tad inconvenient.

Samsung SDI Showcases Car Battery That Charges To 80% In 20 Mins
Sure, over the years range in electric vehicles has increased rather substantially, and charging times have also been reduced, although unfortunately they are still nowhere quite as quick as pumping your car with gas. However it seems that over at Samsung SDI, the company has been working on some solutions.

Tesla To Take Action Against Drivers Who Park Cars At Superchargers
The thing is that unlike fueling up a car at a gas station, charging your electric vehicle takes a little longer than that. This means that sometimes instead of just hanging around and waiting to be topped off, sometimes drivers might choose to run some errands or grab a cup of coffee while waiting.

Apple Maps Will Now Plot EV Charging Stations
Range anxiety is no longer what it used to be as electric vehicles now not only have a longer range in between charges, but also charge faster than before. However finding an EV charging station is still something that drivers need to think about since they aren’t ubiquitous as gas stations. The good news is that if you own an iOS device, finding an EV station will be easier.

Carmakers Announce Plans For EV Chargers Along Highways In Europe
As much as many people would love to adopt electric vehicles, we suppose there is still that bit of fear regarding the availability of EV chargers. After all no one likes their car dying in the middle of nowhere, right? While EV chargers are starting to become more common, they aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as gas stations.

McLaren Confirms They Were In Talks With Apple
A couple of months ago, there were rumors that Apple could be interested in acquiring McLaren, presumably to aid in their electric/self-driving car efforts. The company later denied the rumors, claiming that McLaren and Apple were not in discussions over potential investment. However it seems that this might not have been the full story.