When it’s not envisioning a future where electric bikes have their own dedicated lanes, BMW is thinking about developing more efficient electric car batteries that push the envelope further on range. The group has announced that it’s investing $240 million in developing its new “BMW Group Battery Cell Competence Centre” to develop the powertrain for its next-generation electric vehicle.

The new facility will be staffed with 200 employees which will be working to “advance battery cell technology and introduce it into production processes.”

The company has planned to concentrate all of its in-house expertise along with the battery-cell value chain at the new center. Important research will be conducted by international experts working in the new development labs and facilities that BMW has made. The efforts will also be focused on improving battery performance, lifespan, safety, charging, and costs.

The work will cover analysis of cell design and technology, creating prototypes of new battery cells, using different materials and tweaking the chemical composition of cells, and more. BMW’s aim with this project is to set the benchmark for the industry.

With the electric vehicle industry expected to grow significantly over the coming years, BMW has understandably futureproofed its electric efforts as it aims to capture a bigger chunk of this market.

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