Airsoft gun converted to shoot lasers

Airsoft laser rifle

If you’ve always thought your Airsoft gun had the potential to do more than shoot little beads at targets – you were right. A hobbyist by the name of Drake recently converted his Airsoft gun into laser rifle, which allowed him to fire tiny laser beams, capable of lighting matches and destroying balloons from distances of up to 35 feet.

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He basically dismantled the rifle, removed the mechanisms that allowed it to fire pellets, and added a 700mW laser diode from a Blu-ray burner. Powered by a 9v battery, this sweet contraption proved to be one heck of a weapon – definitely not something you want in the hands of your little cousins. No word on how it feels to be shot by one, but If you’re interested in creating your own Airsoft laser rifle, find out more.

Read more about DYI, Hacking and laser.

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