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An Anti-Drone Laser Weapon System Is Now With The US Air Force
We have all known about various surveillance techniques using a drone to infiltrate aerial borders or monitor activity on enemies.When it is about enemies, it is definitely useful. But, what if someone else is using a drone to keep an eye on our moves?In this case, I am referring to the United States Air Force. Interestingly, the first Anti-Drone laser weapon system (Laser Dune Buggy) by Raytheon has been delivered […]

Scientists Use Lasers To Refrigerate Water
Who would have thought that lasers are useful when it comes to cooling down stuff? Yeah, most of the time the image that we have about lasers would be to see them blow things up or cook bacon, simply because lasers can get really, really hot. It looks like lasers are also capable of doing the exact opposite – that is, to cool things down, including water. This was discovered […]

Japan’s Scientists Have Fired Off The World’s Most Powerful Laser
We shudder to think that one day in the future, we could see Death Star-like spaceships helmed by the baddest villains of the universe who go about obliterating planets that don’t bow to them. Actually we might not have to wait too long because over in Japan, scientists in Osaka have recently fired off what can only be described as the world’s most powerful laser.How powerful are we talking about? […]

Femtosecond Lasers Deliver Interactive 3D Midair Plasma Displays
Interactive displays, or information kiosks, are a norm these days. We see them in many public spaces and areas, and they do seem to be part of our everyday interaction with technology. However, what if there was a different method of offering such interactive displays? Aerial Burton of Japan has discovered a way to manipulate lasers to ionize air molecules that are in midair, which results in bright pixels that […]


Metals Bombarded With Lasers Are Super Hydrophobic
While there are some smartphone manufacturers who see the value of introducing waterproof capability to their handsets, this is one trend that has not caught the industry by storm – yet. Researchers claim that they have managed to create new self-cleaning surfaces that have a high degree of water repellency – and this is done without the need for potentially expensive and the tedious process of temporary coatings, through the […]

Smallest Laser In The World Created
There is always value in declaring something using a superlative term – and researchers have managed to come up with what they deem to be the smallest laser of the world. Just how small is it? Well, it so happens to be as small as the size of a rice grain, now how about that?

The US Navy's Brand New Laser Gun Demonstrated On Video
While lasers have found a lot of use in non-combat settings, it felt for a long time that being able to fire a laser from a gun is the stuff of science fiction and can only be achieved in the movies or video games. Well it looks like the future is finally here. You might recall that last month the US Navy deployed a laser gun on one of their […]

New Record Set By Laser-Plasma 'Tabletop' Particle Accelerator
Another day, another record is set – this time around it is not an athletic one, but rather, it is a record set by a laser-plasma ‘tabletop’ particle accelerator. In other words, this works in more or less a similar manner to that of the way a surfer picks up speed when skimming down the face of a wave. Thanks to researchers over at Berkeley Lab, they have managed to […]

U.S. Navy Deploys Laser In The Persian Gulf
Earlier this year, we did bring you word that the U.S. Navy is all set to deploy their first laser weapon, and that historic moment happened a couple of days back. This particular laser weapon might actually usher in the age of Star Wars, so to speak, where it is capable of destroying a target from afar without having to go through the usual missile deployment. The amphibious transport ship […]

Lasers Could Be Used To Blast Junk In Space
The earth is right now creaking under the weight of close to 7 billion people, and it goes without saying that the more one consumes, the more there is a need to be able to dispatch of such trash in a prime and proper manner. Landfills are fast running out of space, and with the space age kicking off a few decades ago, even plenty of rubbish has been left […]

DARPA Tests Out Planes Mounted With Laser Turret
DARPA certainly has a venerable number of devices and machines up their sleeves to ensure that their military will have an edge over the enemy on the battlefield. One of their more recent forays? To attach a prototype laser turret onto a test aircraft. Does this mean we could be looking at some sort of Star Wars future? I have always figured out that lasers should more or less be […]

Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT 20 Announced
Forget about fictional exploits on the battlefield or on the green, if you are in the market for a laser rangefinder, you might want to turn to Nikon and pick up their Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT 20 for a start. This happens to be the smallest and lightest model among the Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT series to date, but do not let its diminutive size fool you, as there is […]

Laser Could Erase Combat Wounds
The battlefield could prove to be a place where valiant men prove their valor as well as bravery, but there are also moments where the loss of limb, and perhaps life, occurs. Defusing bombs can be one of the more heart stopping duties that one has to undertake when one joins a certain department in the military, although we might see minesweeper robots take over that role in the future […]

U.S. Navy Looks To Equip Humvees With Lasers To Counter Drones
If you have watched Sharknado, you would most probably know just how cheesy things can get, but and I am quite sure that the idea of laser-mounted sharks have also tickled your imagination at least once in the past. Well, here is a more modern take on that thought, where the U.S. Navy intends to equip Humvees with a laser weapon. This laser will be used to shoot down drones […]

Laser Therapy Could Kiss Goodbye To FIllings And Drills
I am not quite sure about you, but even though my mom used to be a dentist with the government, this does not mean that getting treatment from her is any less terrifying for me than any random stranger who needs to get their teeth checked because of a cavity. Well, lasers have been the tool of choice by dentists for years when it comes to tooth whitening, instead of […]

Navy Engineers To Deploy Laser Weapon Later This Summer
We did talk about how the U.S. Navy has every intention to deploy a railgun on their ships by the time 2016 arrives, but railguns are not the only weapons of choice for their fleet. It seems that Navy engineers happen to be making final adjustments to a laser weapon prototype which will deploy aboard the USS Ponce later this summer, being a first of its kind to boot. This […]

U.S. Navy Set To Deploy First Laser On Ship This Year
Lasers certainly can’t be classified under conventional ordnance at this point in time, taking such technology in combat is offered deemed to be too futuristic, something straight out of Star Wars if you will. But the U.S. Navy has its sights set on the future, and its more than willing to take lasers into combat. It has revealed plans of deploying the first laser gun on a ship later this year, […]

Laser Capable Of Detecting Bombs
Bomb sniffing dogs are marvelously trained creatures, but when it comes to such dangerous work, any help would be more than welcome. In a project that was funded by the Department of Homeland Security, the whole idea is to perform a research into producing a bomb-detecting laser that will see action at transportation security checkpoints. This research is being performed at the moment at Michigan State University, and the team […]

Nike Launches Laser Soccer Field Service In Spain [Video]
Nike Football Spain is helping Spaniards with their pick-up soccer games by providing a laser field.

Homemade Lightsaber Featuring 3W Laser Burns Through Stuff
A homemade lightsaber featuring a 3W laser can be seen here used to burn through a lot of things.