laser-dataThere is always value in declaring something using a superlative term – and researchers have managed to come up with what they deem to be the smallest laser of the world. Just how small is it? Well, it so happens to be as small as the size of a rice grain, now how about that?

Researchers over at Princeton University have managed to come up with a laser that is no larger than a small grain of rice in terms of its size, now how about that? Of course, it is literally impossible, but somehow or rather, this particular feat has been achieved by the researchers. The rather tiny laser will consume one-billionth power as opposed to that of a hair dryer, making it one of the smallest scientific inventions ever.

Dr. Jason Petta claims that this is the smallest laser that will work with single electron devices, being a professor of Physics at the Princeton University who also worked with the team leader of the group which is behind this laser. Thin nano wires were used to link up pairs of quantum dots in order to make this tiny laser possible, where such quantum dots were placed 6 millimeters apart within a super conductor material known as Niobium. The cavity where the quantum dots were placed also came with mirrors along the walls. Do bear in mind that the image above is meant for illustration purposes only.

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