If you’ve ever transferred your folders from your computer onto an external hard drive or vice versa there are probably times when you don’t even realize how big the folder really is until you see the estimated transfer time show up as 2 hours, which probably gave you a rather nasty shock. Not saying that the DataBot mouse will make those transfer speeds any faster but at least you will be able to get a rough expectation of how big the folder is which ought to make that 2 hour ETA seem less surprising.

While not really an advancement in technology since it uses a rolling ball and a servo-motor to a modern day optical mouse, it does make for a pretty interesting and unique gadget, one which we believe could prove either funny or frustrating. How the DataBot mouse works is that it will judge the size of the file or folder that you’re trying to drag and the bigger the size, the harder it will be for you to drag the mouse which comes along with vibration feedback. We’re guessing that what they’re trying to mimic is akin to you tying a rope around a truck and attempting to pull it towards you, so depending on how strong you are the truck may or may not move.

The DataBot mouse also comes with the options of how you choose to interact with your files and also settings which let you define the weight and importance of your files and folders. It is a rather interesting concept although we’ll have to guess that eventually it might prove more annoying than useful, although it would make a pretty good prank on unsuspecting friends/co-workers. Check out the demo video below.

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.

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