Ford loyalists, fans and muscle car enthusiasts should all be familiar with the iconic Ford Mustang, but the car pictured above is no Ford Mustang, it’s not even a real car – yet. The concept Ford Cobra Snakehead car was designed Andrus Ciprian could actually be made into reality through a Ford-Shelby collaboration, and judging by its looks, could we be looking at yet another car by Ford that will be able to hold its own throughout the ages in terms of shape an design?

The Cobra Snakehead concept car was named such because of the way the hood of the car looks like a snake’s mouth, with the front grill that could pass off as an open mouth with fangs, and the roof of the car which resembles the elevated center portion of the snake’s head. Heck, even the tail of the car resembles the back portion of a snake’s head as it slopes downwards with sinuous curves.

Andrus Ciprian claims that apart from just the slick looks, the car will provide comfort to its passengers, giving them the feeling of being in their own cockpit and in terms of power, the car he claims will be packing quite a punch as it will bring about world class performance. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all the designer had to say since engineering is best left to the engineers, so once the design gets approved, and we hope it does, the engineers will start working on it and then hopefully we’ll have some specifications for you. Until then you can check out more photos of the car in “action” at DesignBuzz’s website.

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