Fretlight FG-421

The ability to play an musical instrument without having to sit through a single lesson is probably something every human wants to be able to do but unfortunately, unless you’re a musical prodigy of some sort, it’s not going to happen. While we all harbor dreams of being able to do such a thing, the folks over at Fretlight Guitar are putting their minds together to come up with a solution.

Re-introducing: the Fretlight guitar, FG-421, is an instrument built with the intention of teaching users how to play music (the Fretlight guitar was actually introduced many years ago, but back then it only had the ability to show you different scales and not full songs). It comes with frets that can light up, showing users the correct notes to play while they follow the backing track and music tablature. Users can practice whole songs or just loop parts they want to practice until they get it right.

The Fretlight FG-421 is available now and will set you back $429. It comes with the custom-made guitar, a USB cable, an owner’s manual, Fretlight Studio software, and free video lessons. Watch a video report courtesy of CNET after the break:

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