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Star Wars Guitars Places Millennium Falcon At Your Fingertips
We’ve seen some impressive guitar mods in the past couple of months as we’ve seen one that is shaped like an NES, while another types out certain keys on a computer depending on what notes you play. But have you seen guitars that are are to look like the Millennium Falcon, a Y-Wing and a B-Wing from Star Wars?These guitars were created by 64-year-old Tom Bingham for himself as he has […]

The Email Guitar Lets You Shred Your Way To Responding To Correspondences
If you were impressed with David Neevel’s previous contraption which was able to separate the cream from an OREO cookie, then you’re going to dig his latest project called the Email Guitar.Instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day and using an archaic input method like the keyboard to type in all of your correspondences, you’ll be able to shred your way into a perfectly constructed email as the […]

NES Shaped Guitar
If you have a heart for all things retro, including video games, then you would surely be able to identify with this guitar that was shaped to resemble an 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) console, coupled with two controllers, now how about that? Of course, several alterations were due to be made, as the body itself is nearly built to scale with the old school game console itself. The designer (and […]

Cybertech T-RON custom electric guitar
We did take a look at the Guitar2-D2 a few days ago, and here is yet another piece of geekery that you might want to check out if you are a music enthusiast. I am referring to the Cybertech T-RON custom electric guitar which is so named simply because it drew the main inspiration from the Tron science fiction movie which had a remake some years back. The design of […]


gTar could bring out the virtuoso in you
Unleash the Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan in you with gTar, a fully digital iPhone-powered guitar that recently launched on Kickstarter. Not to mistaken with the Sitar, gTar comes with a built-in iPhone dock that uses sensors to relay what you are playing to a specially designed iPhone app. Startup company Incident developed the gTar out of the need to create a digital “educational” guitar that will help aspiring […]

iStomp – the all-in-one guitar stompbox
If you’re a guitarist who doesn’t like to deal with the hassle of carrying your huge pedal board setup or multi-FX pedal every time you have to play a live show and you wish there was an easier way out – HARMAN’s DigiTech iStomp pedal might be just for you. Touted as “the ultimate stompbox for musicians”, the iStomp is a stompbox that has the ability to transform into any […]

Guitar Backpack looks good
Now here is an interesting amalgamation – a backpack that resembles the form factor of a guitar thanks to the efforts of Ito Manufacturing from Japan, where it will be based on Gibson’s legendary Les Paul electric guitar. Boasting a soft, lined interior that makes it perfect for stashing away all your light favorite travel needs, the Guitar Backpack is guaranteed to help you make a fashion statement even in […]

iTar turns your iPad into a guitar
Remember the GhostGuitar app that turns your iPad 2 into an electric guitar? Well the folks over at Starr Labs have decided to take things a step further by turning it into a real guitar with the combination of an accessory and an app. Using its patented button fretboard technology, Starr Labs has announced a new iPad accessory called the iTar. All users have to is dock the tablet, launch […]

Rocksmith promo video released
Rocksmith, the game the first video game that actually teaches people how to play with a real guitar will be released in eleven days, and Ubisoft has released a new promo video for the game. Featuring professional video gamer, Fatal1ty, the video shows his progress in the game after spending three days with the game. Granted he didn’t make much of an improvement in that short period of time (which […]

GhostGuitar app lets you play air guitar... for real
Most of the time when we play air guitar, it’s because we’re listening to a song with a catchy riff or solo, and we can’t help but just pretend to play along to it. Even though no sounds come out from our hands it’s still quite a fun activity. Well, what if I told you that you can create music by playing air guitar? No, it doesn’t involve any magic […]

Gibson Firebird X on sale this Friday
If you’re looking forward to get your hands on the limited edition Gibson Firebird X guitars, get those credit cards or dollar bills ready because the start shipping out this Friday. Gibson has just announced that on September 30th, consumers will be able to buy one of these guitars. They will be limited to only 1,800 models in two unique finishes – Redolution and Bluevolution and will carry an MSRP […]

9-string Kelstone guitar plays just like a piano
If you know how to play a piano, then surely you won’t have any trouble with the 9-string Kelstone guitar – although if you do know how to play a guitar, then chances are pretty good you’re no good with a piano, either. This unique musical instrument was developed by Belgium’s Jan Van Kelst, allowing you to strum, pick, hammer-on and pull-off, slide, bend, use both hands like a piano […]

Rocksmith to support co-op play with separate Real Tone Cable
Remember Rocksmith, the game that was introduced way back in March at the SXSW event this year? Well, we’re getting closer to its release date (October 18th), and Ubisoft has announced that it will be supporting co-op play from the same console and on the same TV – unfortunately you’ll need to purchase an accessory in order to make it possible (not to mention you’ll need a second guitar lying […]

ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Bag doesn't hold your guitar
When you first hear “Electronic Guitar Bag”, the first thing that comes to mind will probably be a guitar-shaped gig bag that people use to carry their electric guitars around. Well, ThinkGeek is here to destroy that notion with the launch of its new Electronic Guitar Bag. Firstly it’s not even a guitar-shaped bag, it comes in the form of a messenger bag, and you’ll have to try really hard […]