If you happen to see the Handy Gear somewhere, hold your horses before accusing it of being a cheap rip-off model of the original Sega Game Gear. This is actually lovablechevy’s project over at Ben Heck’s forum, where it sports a custom case that was created using the famous Sega Game Gear, a Master Gear converter, a PSOne display, in addition to other odds and ends to complete the portable console.

To put it plainly, this portable gaming device is capable of supporting Game Gear and Master System titles, and you need not exhaust your rechargeable AA battery collection, since it sports a built-in rechargeable battery that plugs into an AC outlet whenever it runs out of juice. The major drawback for this DIY project would be its rather hefty two-plus pounds of weight. 

Definitely not something you will tote around to keep you entertained these days, especially on a long commute, but it is worth a look if DIY projects are your cup of tea.

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